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  1. I'm painting my first motorcycle
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled Well sort of......I'll post up more details with pictures later.
  2. You're never too busy to ride
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled Work has been very hectic lately.....a lot of projects and traveling. I've given in to the need to work on the weekends rather than ride. I've recently determined that too much of this is just a bad idea.This past weekend I decided to forget about work. Instead, I got things done around the house, spent time with my friends, went on a ride by myself after cleaning the bike and then got lost on a gloomy Sunday afternoon in our local bookstore. It was bliss.Work was
  3. Beautiful night
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled I had a long hard day today. It was hectic at work. Then, I had to rush to class. Traffic was bad, it was hot and the 56 Chevy does not have air conditioning. During class, we cut and shaped a piece of metal to replace a rusted patch on the car. At 9:30, I backed up the car from the garage and headed home.On the way, I debated whether I should take surface streets or just jump on the freeway. I fortuitously decided
  4. BMWs
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled O and I went to look at Beemers last week. I've had my eye on the GS 650. I was concerned about the height of the bike though. Lo and behold, when I sat on the bike, I found the height to be manageable. I really liked the feel of the bike. It had a terrific center of gravity. You could lean the bike at a 45 degreee angle and then straighten out the bike with no problem. It seemed like a fancy
  5. Radiator repairs
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled I removed the damaged radiator Tuesday (Jim talked me through a few of the more difficult aspects) and took it to the motorcycle radiator repair shop in Fontana. I wish I had taken before and after pictures. The radiator off the bike was more tweaked than it appeared on the bike. I picked up the repaired radiator today. It looked fantastic, almost new. They had to repair a small leak at the base of the radiator and then they tested under pressure before returning it to
  6. Helmet Maintenance Days
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled I always check the basics on my bike when I head out on a ride. Periodically, I perform maintenance on the bike as recommended by the manufacturer. The easy stuff, I can now do myself. With the harder stuff, I get help from friends and family as well as paid professionals. That being said, I periodically maintain my helmets as well. I have a Scorpion Exo 700, an Arai Corsair and a Shoei RF 1000. All of the helmets have varying degrees of removable
  7. Jacket Reviews
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled Since I purchased two new jackets lately, I thought I'd post a review. The first jacket is the Tour Master Cortech LRX Sport Women's Jacket in black:I bought this jacket from a seller on eBay for a really reasonable price. This is the jacket I wore on last weekend's 400 mile Ojai trip. It comes with a liner that I foolishly forgot to bring since it was a bit cold at the beginning of the ride. In terms of fit, I'd give this jacket 8 out
  8. O's Accident
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled Yesterday. O, Jim and I went to a track day at the "Streets of Willow." It was Jim's first track day and we were very excited for him. O was also looking forward to the track day. Between France and his other obligations, he's had very little time for riding. I was going as the support person for both of the guys.April and Jim came over Thursday night to load the bikes on the trailer. We grabbed a quick dinner after and then went to
  9. Gear for smaller riders
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled So, I spent part of yesterday helping a friend try and locate gear that would fit. My friend is about 4'11" tall and weighs about 110 pounds. I have to tell you, there isn't that much out there for someone so small. At April's suggestion,he tried on some ladies jackets. A ladies size small fit him fairly well. He at least had a good sense of humor about this though. The jacket that fit the best had little rose patches on the sleeves and chest.
  10. Moto GP
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled Well, we're definitely going. O and I decided we would like to go. I don't know how much of that decision was that I wanted to go and O was willing. The problem was that we couldn't get tickets. The paddock passes we're all sold out within hours. All the packages and suites were gone, many before they went on sale to the general public. I had a reasonably priced hotel room, but no tickets. I was hoping that April would come through
  11. Sport tourer?
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled I would like to have a garage full of bikes. I just don't have the room. I've been thinking about a sport tourer though. Maybe this one:I wonder how much a good used one costs? I also like many of the larger bikes BMW makes but the idea of my feet dangling 6" off the ground does not appeal to me.
  12. Inspiring
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled This rider was involved in an accident almost one year ago. Her story is inspiring:http://www.sylviastuurman.nl/motor/majorcrash/english.php
  13. A Small Accomplishment
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled Two years ago, I was the only person riding a bike to work. Last year, I'd occasionally see another bike in the parking structure. This year, there are at least three active riders. Each day I rode the bike to work, I always struggled with the decision of where to park. Do I take a real space in a parking structure that is always crowded and fills up quickly? Or do I create a space in some nook or cranny and hope not to be
  14. Helmet Shelf Life
    From Cammie's Blog - Tangled Yesterday, a fellow rider came by the house. He was debating whether he would join Terrie and I for dinner since it would be dark in several hours and he had his dark shield on his helmet. I offered to let him borrow my clear shield if it became too dark since I had recently installed a light smoke shield on my helmet.He promptly said it wouldn't fit since he had an Arai RX 7. I told him I had the same helmet and it should fit.
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