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  1. The MBI 2007 Riders Choice Awards
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride The MBI 2007 Riders Choice Awards for the motorcycle industry are now open for nominations. They celebrate the best and worst of the motorcycle industry/You have until Jan 31st to get those nominations in!Motorcycle Bloggers International is an association of international motorcycle bloggers and news websites, with currently 80+ members. Last year, was the first Riders Choice awards, nominated and voted on by MBI members. This year nominations and voting is open to the general public. Nominations will be open until Feb 1.One of my category suggestions made it in,
  2. White Christmas ride
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride Today was such a beautiful day, my husband Jim and I decided to go for a ride. Since it was so nice out we went up Angeles Crest Highway. This is my favorite local road, a freshly paved slice of twisty nirvana running across the crest of the San Gabriel mountains. Its the first time I've had my bike out since I tossed it down the track at Buttonwillow earlier this month.Imagine my surprise to see snow on the side of the road!!! especially since I've been up there when
  3. Choosing a Track School
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride I'm at the point in my track riding that I really want to do a real school. I've done the novice school with Track Xperience which was really amazing for not a lot of money. I really like the atmosphere and the 2 group format. I've done a few open track days but I'm no track whiz by any stretch of the imagination. Since unfortunately I'm not independently wealthy. I'm going to need to plan ahead for this. The way I see it,I have 3 viable choices....Jason Pridmore's STAR schoolThis
  4. Femmoto 06 review
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride Blogger seems to have eaten this post when I posted the track school blog. So I'm fighting back and reposting it.I spent a weekend in early October riding around the track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with over 300 like-minded women. This was AWESOME!!!! Femmoto 06 took place October 7th and 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada. I simply cannot say enough good things about the event or the people involved. I really applaud Bonnie Strawser from Sportbike Tracktime for organizing such an excellent event. The organization was great and the
  5. 2006 Moto GP World Champion
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride For the first time in fourteen years the Moto GP World Championshipcame down to the final race of the season.Congratulations Nicky Hayden2006 Moto GP World ChampionNicky has been consistent all year, pretty much always on the podiumand taking the win in both Laguna Seca and Assen. He had been leading the championship race all season and only lost the lead to Valentino Rossi when he was taken out by his teammate Dani Pedrosa in Portugal. Final standings came down to the final race where Nicky knew he had to go
  6. Recovering from Roadrash
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride Last year or so there were pictures of a girl on all of the MC boards that I read. Brittany Morrow was a passenger and fell off the back of the bike wearing no gear. She wound up with a horrible case of road rash. It got a lot of attention at the time, pretty girl now horribly scarred. There was a whole series of pictures and her story of the accident floating around the web. She got a lot of flack for the mistakes she made. I'm glad to
  7. Ready for Femmoto 06
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride www.femmoto.comFor many women, the initial outing on the track can be incredibly intimidating. If it's at all possible, I would recommend looking into Femmoto. It's a two-day women's demo event in Las Vegas Nevada. This year's event is October 7th and 8th at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.What makes this so great is that several manufacturers bring their demo fleets for the women to ride. You have no worries about transporting your bike to the track and Las Vegas is easy to get to from just about anywhere in the country.
  8. Superbikes! and the All Girl Ride
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride Just last week, the Speed TV show Superbikes! did a whole episode on women riders. I'm not a big fan of the show but this time I watched partly because, hey I'm a woman so I'm interested but also because they filmed the recent all girl ride I was on. First thing, their coverage of the ride was decent. I liked that they showed us riding without a lot of craziness, no stand up wheelies on the freeway. Pretty much everyone was geared up, quite a few in full leathers.
  9. 5th Annual All-Girl Ride 2006 - SoCal
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride The 5th Annual Kelley Maylor All-Girl Ride 2006 is coming up. I've gone in the past and I'm planning on going this time as well. I've had fun and won good prizes and gotten some great discounts. The ride itself is generally pretty relaxed, the fast girls make their way to the front and the rest spread out. Its really nice to see so many women on sport bikes in one place.Saturday August 26th, meeting in Pasadena at 8 and doing Big T, 9 mile and ACH. Then stopping at
  10. Ride to Work Day July 19, 2006
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride Its that time again....I just want to remind everyone that this Wednesday is Ride to Work Day. Are you riding?The following is the press release from www.ridetowork.org This year's fifteenth annual motorcycle and scooter commuting demonstration will increase the number of riders on the road, according to Ride to Work, a non-profit advocacy organization. "Riding to work on this day shows the positive value of motorcycles and scooters for transportation. For many people, riding is an economical, efficient and socially responsible form of mobility that saves energy, helps the
  11. MSF Experienced rider course
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride This past weekend I had an opportunity to take the Experienced Rider Course. This seems to be a yearly event in southern California where the California Motorcyclist Safety Program puts on what they call Free Ride. It's a week of free ERC classes in Verizon Amphitheatre parking lot.I'm of the theory that any training is a good thing and I'm glad that I went. The only thing that I had a really hard time with was the dreaded box. I remember when I took the basic course to get my
  12. Ducati Desmosedici RR
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride Ducati has gone and done it.They have created a street legal version of their blindingly fast Moto GP bike. Unveiled at the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello the bike promptly sold out its North America quota in less than 5 hours. It will have its American debut during the US GP at Laguna Seca.The name Desmosedici comes from Desmo for the Desmodromic valves and sedici which means 16 in Italian, as in 16 titanium valves. The 989cc L-four will be putting out over 200 horsepower and come complete with a
  13. City Riding
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride There are certain things that are well-established elements of the motorcycling mythos...Freedom, the open road, wind in your face, the lure of the canyons, Easy Rider and the Wild Ones. I rarely if ever hear of anyone extolling the joys of an urban environment. I come across all sorts of riders that think riding in the city is just too dangerous or something to be avoided at all costs.I'm coming out here and now to say I really enjoy riding in the city. I love cities in general, their energy
  14. The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid
    From April's Blog - Lets Ride Mark Neale has a new movie coming....If you don't know the name, he is the director of Faster which in my opinion is one of the best motorcycle movies out there. If you haven't seen it go and watch, its great. The new movie is called; The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky KidThis one focuses on last years Laguna Seca GP. Just what I need to get amped up for this year.dtkmovie siteLife...Liberty...and the Pursuit of Maximum Speed
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