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  1. 10k miles
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels I have passed the 10,000 mile mark on my bike's odometer. Although, I still don't quite have 10k miles of riding under my belt since I bought my bike with 1500 on it.In that time, I have crashed only once, which was back when I only had about 500 miles of experience. I would say not too bad of a start.
  2. Random Tip of the Day #1
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels The regularity with which this blog is updated is appalling. To help improve the situation, I have decided to add this "Random Tip of the Day". I guess it's just an easy way for me to be lazy and still update the blog.RTD #1:Riding in 60 degree temperature with a mesh jacket and a t-shirt underneath is COLD.To celebrate the first RTD, I'll even add a related bonus RTD:Riding on freeway in 50 degree temperature in full leather (perforated, but with a long sleeve and a short sleeve
  3. Bike is Back
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels Finally got a chance to go get my bike from my friend's garage. It has been sitting there since the beginning of November, almost half a year. Because of the lack of time when I left, all I did was drain the carbs, fill the tank, and added some fuel stabilizer.Luckily for me, the bike started fairly smoothly. It took some cranking to fill the carbs again, but after that, with some choke, the bike started, and warmed up in less than 30 seconds.I rode around just
  4. Back in the States
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels Well, I am finally back in SoCal and homeless. My possessions are scattered across three cities, and I have a deadline coming up in two weeks. Great.Once I find a place to live, I will be seeing how my bike faired in its 4 months storage. Since I was too hurried, I didn't get a chance to do most of the preparation work for storing a bike. At least I drained the carbs. I really really really hope that I wouldn't need to clean the
  5. The Importance of the Internet
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels I already knew that I can't live without the internet. But that fact was emphasized again recently. On December 28th of 2006, there was 2 major earthquakes at 7.2 and 6 point something on the Richter scale centered in the ocean about 15 km south of Taiwan.Unfortunately, a lot of trans-oceanic fiber optics cables runs along the ocean floor through that area. As a result, 6 major fiber optics lines that connects China to other parts of the world were severely damaged. For the first few
  6. Happy New Year
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels Happy New Year everyone! It's hard to believe that it is 2007 already. Well, hope everyone work hard at their new year's resolutions if they have any.
  7. From Shanghai
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels Well, even though I'm in Shanghai now and have no bike, I thought I can still blog a bit about what it's like here.Shanghai is probably the richest city in China right now, and most of the development took place in the last 20 years. While there are still plenty of bicycles on the streets, there are by far more cars here now. Traffic is probably worse than LA, although my experience only comes from a few trips in taxis. With the new riches, people are caught
  8. No bike :(
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels Well, haven't posted in a while cause I was busy preparing for move (mostly getting work done, I didn't even have enough time to pack everything and move all my funitures). I am in Shanghai now and my poor bike is sitting in a garage with carb bowls drained. I didn't get a chance to change the oil or put some oil into the pistons.... I hope it won't get hurt too much from sitting for a few months.
  9. Carb nightmare
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels Well, at least the problem isn't with my bike. I was helping a friend with his ninja 250 this Saturday. His carb had seperated from the airbox boots (I'm guessing the previous owner had something to do with this). As a result, the carbs were completely clogged from dirt. We managed to get the carbs out a few weeks ago for cleaning.For those of you who have worked with the Ninja 250, you probably know or have heard stories about how much of a pain it
  10. Motorcyclist didn't see SUV
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels No, it's not an article from The Onion. Usually it's the other way around. But I guess I proved yesterday that it could happen this way also. Luckily, there was no accident involved. Here is what happened:I was going down a 2-lane road (2 lanes in each direction). I was in the left lane. In my rear view mirror, I see a light colored SUV in the right lane behind me, and a dark colored SUV behind the light one. After
  11. stupid mistakes
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels A couple days ago, I got on the bike to go to a friend's place close by. After about 2 minutes, I feel the strap hitting me in the neck. I thought maybe i forgot to snap the last part into place. As I feel for the strap, I realized that I had forgotten to strap on my helmet! So I pulled over at the first safe place, and strapped my helmet.Second mistake was today. Earlier in the day, I had kinda jammed my middle
  12. Moving
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels Well, I have been in the process of moving to a new apartment for the past week. It's been so hot here in SoCal these past few days, which is making me really lazy and not want to move. Hopefully, I will be done by the end of this week.Unfortunately, in my last week of parking my bike on the street (new place has a garage, although a neighbor just had their motorcycle stolen from it last week), I forgot to move my bike for the street cleaning,
  13. Done!
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels Well, I am finally done with my first year of grad school. So far, I think I survived. Still waiting for one class' grade to come out. Well, now is just rest up a bit, watch World Cup, and then time to work on my paper for my comprehensive exam. Sorry, really no bike content this time. It's been so hot these couple days. So I took the bus today, didn't even feel like wearing my mesh gear.
  14. final craziness
    From Yifan's Blog - Two Wheels Well, finished with my 45 minute presentation for a class last week. New record for lateness of returning home. The night before the presentation (really the morning of), I got home around 5am. The sky was starting to lighten up. Riding the bike when you are that tired is no fun. At least there was basically no cars on the street.One more final tomorrow (I'm procrastinating from studying right now, can't you tell?) and I will be mostly done with the quarter. I still
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