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  1. MBI Voting is Open
    From Angi the Biker Chick The 2007 MBI Riders Choice awards voting is now open.Go to MBI to vote.
  2. Slowwwww
    From Angi the Biker Chick It has been a very slow couple of weeks for riding. I think I have gone soft. Two years ago (the rainiest year in 100 years for Cali) I didn't have a car and I road rain (mostly rain) and shine. Freezing and sweating. I put 20k miles on my motorcycle that year.I have now gone soft. If the morning isn't warmer than 55* in the morning, I just don't want to ride! I have also turned somewhat girlier in that I don't want
  3. Promised Helmet Pics
    From Angi the Biker Chick Here they are!Pin Striping done by Pete "Hot Dog" Finlan.
  4. Car Pool Lane
    From Angi the Biker Chick I love the carpool lane. I feel just the tiniest bit safer having those four solid yellow lines separating me from traffic. I really like it when there are two yellow lines, four feet of pavement, and another two yellow lines. That gives me almost a five foot barrier between me and other traffic.One thing I don't like about the car pool lane are those *&#$ing idiots that jump over the four yellow lines into or out of the carpool lane. DON'T DO THAT!!! You
  5. Easy Rider Show
    From Angi the Biker Chick What a wonderful show! I decided to go on Sunday with S & T. T and I met up with S just off the 55 Freeway, then we jumped onto the 91 to the 57 to the 10. Traffic wasn't bad, the wind died down a bit and was going easy on us.Oh, I did smell the Chino fire when I was on the 55, and my eyes were burning a little from the smoke. Didn't smell it on the 57/60 interchange, which I found strange.Anyway,
  6. More Warrior stuff
    From Angi the Biker Chick I was at Mission Motorsport last night. My tires are bald beyond bald and then needed replacing like a year ago. My uncles both chipped in and got me new tires for x-mas. I road over last night to get them installed.That is a quick story. All day it had been threatening to rain. Predictions we fluctuating from a 10% chance to a 40% chance. All day, no rain.So I get home and rush inside to change into motorcycle gear to take my bike
  7. More Easy Rider
    From Angi the Biker Chick Just found out my friend Tay (Terrera) will be at the Pomona show.You can check out his work here:www.Terrera .comI met him in a Jewelry class I took at Saddleback College. I knew he was good, I just didn't realize how good, or how well known until I went to his Open House for his new studio in August '06. Excellent open house, bad day to have it. I think it was the hottest day of the year in Orange County, something like 106*F. Even at
  8. Easy Rider, Easy Rider
    From Angi the Biker Chick http://www.easyridersevents.com/I am very excited to go. I have no money this year to buy any goodies, but I like this show because of all the beautiful custom bikes, all the custom parts you can get for your ride, and all the lovely leathers, patches, and other gear you can get.I might get a few bucks from my stash and get a patch or two. I would love to have a jacket or vest completly covered in patches. My only complaint is that any girly patches are usually
  9. Long Beach Motorcycle Show
    From Angi the Biker Chick I love the annual International Motorcycle Show that comes in December or January each year. You get to see all the new models coming out fr the next year. You get to sit on them and touch them and...Anyway. You also get to see a lot of cool gear that is out there, and of course see the death ball riders!As I have mentioned before, I am in love with the V-Star Warrior. 2006 model has a blue bike with silver flames.And 2007 had a steel
  10. Let the Lovin begin!
    From Angi the Biker Chick So toward the end of our ride to Oak Glen a few weeks ago, Scott brought up that the Love Ride was in a few weeks. He asked if T and I wanted to go. I declined at the time because I was to leave the week after to go to NY for Thanksgiving.Anyway, long story short, I ended up going on the Love Ride!I road up to Scott's at the freezing early hour of 6:00. We met up with a friend of his and then road
  11. Up and running
    From Angi the Biker Chick I posted my dilemma on Honda Shadow Forum last Thursday. After a few clarifying posts, Chalie Mac really nail right on the head what my issue was. I printed the instructions from the link he posted (http://www.rattlebars.com/mtz/starter.html) and aided my courage of taking apart my Alexia with my lucky Buddha charm.I took apart the Starter assembly on Saturday. After taking off my brake lever and then pulling off my entire handle, I was able to open up the Starter assembly and position it exactly like the
  12. When the spark is gone...
    From Angi the Biker Chick Very sad story. Alexia is currently out of commission.Here is the sad, sad tale:So I went with T to look at RV's Sunday night, just a short jaunt up the 5 freeway. We looked around for 45 min or so and then decided to ride over to dinner. I get on the bike, turn it on, flip the engine kill to on and then push the Start, nothin. I kept flipping the engine kill switch on and off and then tried to start again,
  13. Apple Pickin' and Motorcyclin'
    From Angi the Biker Chick This was a wonderful Saturday. I had planned on going to Oak Glen last weekend for apple picking with some co-workers, but eveyone bailed on me at the last minute. So last weekend was spent at Magic Mountain!I still wanted to go to Oak Glen, so I called up Uncle S on Thursday and asked if he felt like a bike ride. Three missed calles and 2 neglected emails later he said yes. I told T about it and he was also up for a ride. We had planned
  14. As Tight As A...
    From Angi the Biker Chick (insert proper analogy here)No more loose chain! I took Alexia over to Mach 1 and told him my chain was loose again. Long had a look at it and suggested just getting a new chain since it had streched so much, so often. I asked about the sprockets, and he recommended changing those out as well. I had intended to have this done in addition to my 12k mile service, but had a $300 price limit. The chain, sprockets, and hourly came to $250.
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