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  1. No Hopers Poker Run
    From Cruising Down Under Every year I look forward to the No Hopers Poker Run. It's held in September and those hillbillies certainly know their way around the country roads. Their clubhouse is up on the Hampton Range and most of them live around the Esk, Hampton, Ipswich, Crows Nest areas, so riding around those roads is second nature to them.Their run gets around 100-200 bikes each year and even though this year the weather wasn't perfect, with gusty wind, there was still a great turn up. They met at the
  2. Invited so..... thought I'd drop in and say G'day......
    From Cruising Down Under Hi all, thought I'd say a quick hello........ Beaker asked if I would like to put some stuff up here, which I wil do as soon as I sort myself out..... LoL.Lets just say I'm a 'mature aged' rider living on the Mid Nth Coast of NSW who enjoys getting out and about on my beast.....I ride a GSX1400 'Black' that plays well with others while enjoying 'hunting' sportsbikes in the twisties ha,ha...........the 14 is a doddle to tour on being as docile as you wish while giving you a
  3. Free
    From Cruising Down Under Cruisin' Down Under...no rules...no politics...just ridin!!
  4. Harley Davidson BlackLine Review
    From Cruising Down Under The Harley Davidson Softail model has been a favourite of Harley riders since it was first introduced in 1984. There are more custom & aftermarket parts available for the Softail than any other model providing enthusiast?s loads of opportunity to make it unique and the 2011 Harley Davidson Blackline FXS Softail won?t be any exception to this with it?s already stripped down look. Personally I found the standard off-the-floor model quite uncomfortable because of the punched out riding position and rather than finding the forward controls to be my greatest
  5. Blackbutt - that's an understatement!
    From Cruising Down Under Hi everyone. Donna here again. It?s been a while and plenty has been going on, in fact I've diversified somewhat lately, taking up other adventurous sports which means I don't get to spend quite so much time on my bikes, but hey...life's all about choices, so as long as it's fun, bring it on.I have done some riding of course! I was invited to pick up a brand new Harley Davidson Black Line to take home and test ride for 2 weeks, which was a privilege indeed. Unfortunately the handlebars
  6. Reflection
    From Cruising Down Under I have been unable to post any ride info for the last few months due to my lack of riding. This was and still is due to me not having a valid license for the period March 1 to August 1. It sucks big time, however, it is totally of my own doing. As we enter the best time of the year for riding, I have been reading many posts on various forums about rides that I would do if I could and thinking to myself that I need to
    From Cruising Down Under Cruisin' Down Under...no rules...no politics...just ridin!!
  8. We Deserve Better From The QPS
    From Cruising Down Under Why do they never want to listen? Why do these regularly ignorant traffic cops refuse to listen to anything from you when you are pulled over for breaking a traffic law whilst trying to protect yourself? The last time I was booked was in early March - it was one of these occasions.I was riding to work and pulled up at traffic lights next to a car. I was watching this bloke because I could see he was playing with his phone. When the lights turned green the driver of
  9. Nearly...
    From Cruising Down Under Nearly there...just waiting on the discs....Cruisin' Down Under...no rules...no politics...just ridin!!
  10. Bling For The King
    From Cruising Down Under With our dollar up against the US dollar, thought I would bling the King a little!! Landed a set of newly-chromed Hayabusa rims for less than what it would have cost to get my originals chromed here. Decided that if I was to have a second set of shiny wheels then I should order the remaining bits to enable an easy swap over. Picked up another set of near-new discs from the B-King forum as well as Supersprox sprocket and tyres from Jake Wilson.More to come soon! Cruisin' Down
  11. Motorcycling
    From Cruising Down Under There is cold, and there is cold on a motorcycle. Cold on a motorcycle is like being beaten with cold hammers while being kicked with cold boots, a bone bruising cold. The wind?s big hands squeeze the heat out of my body and whisks it away; caught in a cold October rain, the drops don?t even feel like water. They feel like shards of bone fallen from the skies of Hell to pock my face. I expect to arrive with my cheeks and forehead streaked with blood, but that?s just
  12. Demerit Points
    From Cruising Down Under I have got to give some credit to the RTA in New South Wales - at the start of February they took the initiative to increase the number of demerit points on a NSW drivers license as well as reduce or remove points for 22 driving offences.Why were these changes implemented?Since the demerit points scheme was introduced in 1969, the motoring environment has changed significantly. The number of vehicles on the road has increased, and the road network has been extended and improved.The changes to the demerit points scheme have
  13. Tight!
    From Cruising Down Under Talk about useful...imagine being able to turn in your own lane and take off in the opposite direction!! This is how to do it....Cruisin' Down Under...no rules...no politics...just ridin!!
  14. Still Waiting...
    From Cruising Down Under Over 4 weeks now, and still waiting for parts! I want my bike back!Cruisin' Down Under...no rules...no politics...just ridin!!
  15. A Total Shock...
    From Cruising Down Under Been just over a week since I dropped my bike. Have not had the urge to even talk about it till now.Was out with the Ozbikers forum last Sunday the 23rd January and somehow I just missed a corner - not speeding, not riding hard, just plain missed the turn. The front tyre touched the soft mud on the side of the road just outside of Chillingham in northern NSW and down she went. Thankfully I ended up missing both the armco and the post that the bike hit, so
  16. Progress On The B-King
    From Cruising Down Under Well 2 weeks have passed since my little off and I have finally sorted everything with the insurance company. Work should start on the fix this Monday - still reckon I will be waiting at least another 2 weeks till she is back on the road, mainly due to parts.I have been commuting on a mates ER6N - was really nice of him to offer me his bike. It is great for city traffic but am hanging for a little more get-up-and-go!!Cruisin' Down Under...no rules...no politics...just ridin!!
  17. An Old Favourite!
    From Cruising Down Under I got out on Sunday morning for a ride with the mob from the Ozbikers forum into northern NSW - all up 11 bikes of various sorts left from Yatala at 8am and took advantage of some great riding weather. It was fantastic to see a lot of other riders out on the road doing the same thing.Our route took us out to Canungra, Caligraba Road and then along the Numinbah where we re-grouped at Chillingham - this is one of my favourite stretches of bitumen, especially those sweepers alongside
  18. Sensory Overload
    From Cruising Down Under This is simply amazing - it takes you as close as you could possibly get to a real riding experience via video. Jared Barnes slays the tail of the Dragon on his R6!!Enjoy it - I did......a number of times!!!Cruisin' Down Under...no rules...no politics...just ridin!!
  19. New Bike - 2010 Suzuki B-King
    From Cruising Down Under Hi there strangers!! I have been uber-slack with keeping the site going this year - a lot of stuff happening that has demanded my attention! Apologies for that, but I needed to spend some time sorting my personal shit out and it hopefully is coming to a close.Great news...I went out a couple of weeks back and bought myself a brand new bike! My GSX1400 had gotten to a stage where I needed to spend a bit of dosh on it and so I decided to check out what was
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