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  1. Not much fun here
    From Biker Chicks The reason you all haven't heard much from us is work. Sara is busy as hell at her shop in Pittsburgh. She's doing a bike for a Pittsburgh Steeler. And other projects are piling up. Same here only the big project for the past 2 weeks has been a bike for the Kyle Petty Ride Across America. This ultra will be auctioned off to benefit the Victory Junction Gang camp. More in the weeks to come.My car painting book will be released very soon. Wow I'm in fine writing form
  2. And then it was Tuesday
    From Biker Chicks Crazy Horse here- This is what one of the walls of my office looks like. That gold mask is a Jon Kosmoski creation. The oil painting are originals of mine. Sitting here watching "Seinfeld" reruns. That was a such a silly show. After a long day of dealing with customers, planning my week by ordering things for jobs, making phone calls, and then there's always the very fun "planning out the rest of the year." Sara and I were planning our stratagy for the AMA Women's Conference in June.
  3. meanwhile in the rest of the world...
    From Biker Chicks I love this picture. I love the bike and the way people used to ride back then. It was a very different world for folks who rode. Meanwhile, my husband has gotten to Daytona. He's staying at the new Destination Daytona. His boss's condo is very cool, Jim says. He was hanging on the balcony and Cory Ness walked by. Jim says the place is enormous. So far hes having a good time. I wish I were there, but if I were there I could not stay at the condo
  4. Daytona Bike Week
    From Biker Chicks The husband leaves for Daytona today. It was a last minute thing. His boss Click is down there. He's a got a condo at Destination Daytona. He's been calling asking if Jim is coming down.Jim's fab shop is not crazy busy right now, so he has the time plus his good friends Micky and Dave, will be there. He seldom gets to see them. So he will stay at Click's condo and hang with the boss, see his good friends, and see bikes. Also Morgan Storm will be riding the
  5. Misc Crazy Shit
    From Biker Chicks Crazy Horse here, I just got back from a 4 day airbrush class. It was incredible. See pics.Not much time to write these days. Check in and see the pictures I'll try to post. This time a year is always an crazy race that drives many of us in the custom bike industry to insanity. The warm weather teases and customers go completely nuts driving us to the edge of suicide.Ladies!!!!!!! This is for the ladies only!!!!! 30 years of skiing, riding, outdoor stuff has beaten my skin to crap.
  6. Valentine's Day
    From Biker Chicks The years pass by so quick after age 40. Blink and a year goes by. The big race at Daytons is happening soon. I remember where I was when I heard Dale Sr had died. I was in my truck driving from Columbus, OH to Indy. It was when the Indy M/C trade show used to be worth going to. My husband was showing a bike in Columbus and I left to go back to Indy. For all the wrong reasons. I should have stayed in Columbus and spent time
  7. Still Kickin'
    From Biker Chicks So much has happened I don't know where to start. The first weekend of Feb I was at the VTwin Expo in Cinci with the 3 other Femme Fatales. We had a great time and the Femmes seemed to get a good reception by the press and people. The party scene was pure craziness. I got plenty of blackmail pictures. Brian Klock, Billy Lane, Marilyn Stemp, I won't show anyone the pictures. I'm gonna try and write up a story for Bikernet. Too much to write here. Oh I had
  8. True Confessions
    From Biker Chicks Ok, what does a biker chick do in the morning while she's answering emails and starting her day? Does he watch her dvd of Easyrider or videos of Daytona and Sturgis? Or listen to Ted Nugent loud enough to crack the windows of the office? No she doesn't. Actually the Ted Nugent thing will happen later during wet sanding 100 pices of motorcycle time. She watches, gasp! Martha Stewart! Why? Because REAL biker chicks love to eat GOOD food. And being picky, we know we can do it better ourselves!
  9. 1:14 am Tuesday morning
    From Biker Chicks and here I am working. Well sorta. Here's a pic of AJ taken on that FLA trip in 1994. Nice socks! Well here's the whole horrible tale of that Fla trip. And every word is true, this shit really happened. cast of charators, me (seen in beach picture), Lorin or Earthquake Blake ( the blonde), AJ (skinny guy in funny socks), a pink sporty named Wildchild, a 250 ninja, and big ass Honda rocketship. I didn't hear my knee break when the dirt bike went down. I didn't even realize
  10. Burnouts Rule!
    From Biker Chicks There's nothing like burning tire. When ya had a shitty day a burnout will always cheer you up.. Here's my (Liberte) boyfriend RT doing his thing on my 96 XL. Can't wait for some decent weather around here....
  11. Friday Again???
    From Biker Chicks Crazy Horse- God I'm feeling good these days. Nothing like good news from the dr to lift that 10 ton monkey off a lady's back. But I feel thankful for my life in general. We as a society are so programmed not to be happy. "You're not a millionaire, you can't be happy." "You're not as skinny as a swimsuit model, so once you are, you can be happy." "Unless you live in a macmansion, you are a failure, especially if you live in a trailer." "Your skin sags
  12. Tuesday, not Monday
    From Biker Chicks Sitting here about to start working on the airbrush book. VTwin tv is on. Damn how the custom motorcycle industry has changed. Tuesday night on Speed Channel is all motorcycles. Starts off with Texas Hardtails. I like that show. Its silly fun which is what it is meant to be. Then it's Corbin's RideOn, a pretty interesting show. Mike Corbin is always coming up with neat stuff and it did not surprize me the success of his show. Next is VTwin TV and it's very watchable. They really
  13. Missing any kind of riding
    From Biker Chicks Crazy Horse here - I was just on The Horse's Back Talk board and someone was writing about riding on crappy days. Well, sitting here on a foggy, rainy, cold Monday morning I was thinking back to the mid 90's whwn I used to ride my Ninja everywhere in any kind of weather. There is a sense of the surreal riding in weather like this, the gray fog and drizzle gives the world a sense that it is all dream. It seems so strange that I miss those days of
  14. Boo Hiss Katy Couric
    From Biker Chicks Despite the fact that my old cat is living her last hours or my Cintiq monitor/tablet came with the wrong pen and it took me hours to figure out, it's not a bad Friday. The reason is I'm going to pick up and deliver a paint job today and get paid!!!!!!! The sun is out, I feel good.Then silly bitch Katy Couric has to come on tv and exhibit nearly every stereotype motorcycle riders have fought years to overcome. She whines and bitches about how dangerous motorcycles are using Gov.
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