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  1. When Does It Stop Being A Motorcycle?
    From Lucky's Hideaway There's an interesting discussion thread over on the BurgmanUSA forum regarding the use of "trike kits" on motorcycles and how a trike ends up being classified by the various laws and regulations. For the most part, if it's got three wheels or less (but hopefully more than one) it's considered a motorcycle and thus, you must have a motorcycle licence to ride it. But what happens when you install one of these "trike kits" which add two outrigger-style wheels in the back, effectively bringing the number of wheels
  2. Like a Fine Bottle of Wine.
    From Lucky's Hideaway Some things, like good wine, tend to age well; while others, like bad fish, not really.The same can be said of many motorcycles.  I'm a bit of a pack rack when it comes to all things motorcycle, to the point that I've got a box of old, broken parts in the garage that I'll most likely never use... yet I can't bring myself to throw it away (to the great horror of my wife, I'll admit).  Anyhow, among the things I've saved are hundreds of old copies of Motorcyclist, Cycle
  3. The Man in Black
    From Lucky's Hideaway First off, let's be clear about one thing: I love Johnny Cash. I've always been a big fan of his music and his style. I use the "Man in Black" title sarcastically and with no disrespect intended.Why is it that something like 90% of motorcycle gear is black? I've been asking myself this question for a few years now and I can't seem to figure it out. Is there a safety advantage? Obviously not, as it's probably the most inconspicuous of colours. What about
  4. Of Flower Pots & Weak Shocks
    From Lucky's Hideaway What a wonderful labour day weekend that was!  There's just something about that third day tacked onto the end of the weekend that brings me back to my childhood schooldays.  Although as kids we rarely did anything that interesting on typical weekends; for some reason the idea of a three-day weekend would spark our grade-school imagination and we'd start planning all sorts of things to do.As a motorcyclist with a full-time job (and then some); I still cherish the idea of an extra day of fun.  This year even moreso as in my
  5. Sunset ride to Beaumont
    From Lucky's Hideaway One of my favourite local rides is due South out of town heading along the Petitcodiac river towards the small agricultural villages of Pré-d'en-Haut and Beaumont. The muddy banks of the river, ondulating fields of corn, apple orchards and the lovely small villages are the stuff post cards are made of. Add the setting sun over the river and some low-lying clouds for diffused light and it's practically perfect. Here, Burgie takes a break while I shoot a few frames. Sun setting over the river and the fields. The small church
  6. A Man's Scooter!
    From Lucky's Hideaway As expected, the jokes have already started at work about my new "girly" bike! No worries, I can take it and dish it out with the best of 'em. However, one of my colleagues was worried that I might feel emasculated by the fact that I'm now "stuck riding a step-through", so he wrote me the following email which I share with you now: "OK, let me start off by saying this 2011 Burgman 650 Exec ABS is only available for purchase by the manliest of men. My friend,
  7. It's Here! (But what is it?)
    From Lucky's Hideaway Got the keys to the new Burgman on Monday and drove it home from the dealer's in Amherst, NS. Granted, it's only 70 kms away, but it was an interesting ride nonetheless. I did get to familiarize myself with this new scoot. Lessons learned:The left lever is not a clutch (repeat five times before riding).ABS on the rear brake is very effective at preventing lock-up when you grab a handful of the left lever (see above point).It'll do 0 to 60 mph in under 7 seconds. Not impressive
  8. New Horse in the Stable
    From Lucky's Hideaway I haven't ridden much this season. I try to blame it on many factors: the constant rain, low temps, mechanical gremlins in the old Seca... in the end, however, it's mostly due to this damn pinched nerve that causes my left hand to go weak and numb from time to time. Ever try riding in midtown traffic and have your "clutch hand" go numb? Believe me, it gives a whole new appreciation to clutchless shifting! So what's a guy to do? I guess the responsible thing would have been
  9. Ugliest Bike?
    From Lucky's Hideaway So I'm on coffee break at work with a few colleagues who happen to be motorcycle aficionados and rather than argue on who has the most blinged/farkled/powerful bike, we're pondering the question of the ugliest bike ever built. Of course, for such an important debate to take place, there has to be some ground rules: a) it must be a full production motorcycle (i.e. not a "custom" or "limited edition" model), and b) it has to be mainstream enough that a motorcyclist worthy of the title will have
  10. How (Un)original!
    From Lucky's Hideaway Just got notification from Zinio that the August electronic editions of Cycle World and Motorcyclist were now available for download. Great - except I had to do a double-take to make sure I hadn't downloaded the same magazine twice.Editors at CW and MC must be spying on each other's contact sheets lately, as the cover story on both of these competing publications is pretty much the same: the effects of fancy electronics on superbikes. Heck, even the front covers look suspiciously similar. "Originality is the art of concealing
  11. Fat (or Phat) Hooligan Bike?
    From Lucky's Hideaway Let's be honest: sometimes being bad feels good. Like pulling a wheelie on your super-light and overly powerful sportbike (when nobody's around - of course).But you've got to truly admire someone who can get a 2294cc, long wheelbase cruiser to stand one her hind legs like this:
  12. Lipstick and Gluteoplasty
    From Lucky's Hideaway After a 10 year run, Honda has finally come out with a "new" Goldwing. Except when you delve deeper in the press release, you start to wonder what's so new about it. Obviously, there have been some aesthetic changes: the front fairing now has a "two-tone" paint scheme which apparently should channel the VFR1200 (yeah - right!) and the rear sidecases have been visually trimmed (although they have bigger volume).What about the engine? Same old, same old... The tranny? Nope...But they must've finally added electric windshield
  13. Two-Wheeled Adultery to Keep the Missus Happy!
    From Lucky's Hideaway I am unfaithful.Although I spend countless hours doting on my beloved old bike, I secretly sneak off to my computer every now and again to lust on other bikes. I just feel so dirty!It's a serious disease and for which I've yet to find any kind of relief. Our house is running out of room to store the innumerable magazines, books and glossy dealership handouts which I've accumulated over the years. I'm a bit of a packrat, and I refuse to throw away any of my old
  14. One Man's Junk
    From Lucky's Hideaway The concept (or belief) of Heaven is an interesting one. As kids, we were made to believe in Heaven as a place of perfection: everyone there is happy, healthy and never wants for anything. I remember my elementary-school mind thinking that it must be something like DisneyWorld... or at least I supposed as much since I'd never been there (DisneyWorld, that is).As a motorcyclist, I can only hope that if there is such a thing as the afterlife, that it looks something like Allen's Cycle Salvage yard.
  15. Riding, It's Good For The Soul
    From Lucky's Hideaway Lazy blogger I am.Seems life pulls you in one direction just long enough so that you get accustomed to the trajectory, then there's a shift and you beeline towards something else. Past six months have been something like that. Nothing major, mind you... just an accumulation of small changes that add up to a whole pile of "what the hell just happened?" The important stuff (i.e. the things a normal, well-balanced person should focus on but rarely does) is still there: still married, health is OK, still
  16. Waiting for the Breakdown
    From Lucky's Hideaway Like millions of others around the world, I've been watching the Olympics for the past two weeks, rooting for the home team, hoping for some medals. Vancouver has been marred by problems since the very start. There was the tragic death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili during a practice run just hours before the opening ceremony. Then our Canadian sweetheart, figure skater Joannie Rochette, lost her mother to a heart attack just days before she was scheduled to compete.Of course, when tragedy occurs, media will be there.
  17. We've Got A Pulse!
    From Lucky's Hideaway I?ve been a bad blogger. My last post was over 6 months ago, and I have become the great procrastinator. I was considering waiting ?til spring to start posting again, as there?s currently a few feet of snow on the ground and the temperature is way below the freezing mark ? not exactly the right motivation to get me writing about motorcycles again, eh?But then I got the buzz. Motorcycle magazines are featuring new models on their covers, bike shows are happening, and the annual hunt for
  18. My New (Old) Bike
    From Lucky's Hideaway After five great years and many miles together, I?ve bid adieu to my dear V-Strom. Although somewhat bittersweet, the big beast had become a little too much to handle given my recent back problems. No worries though, I replaced the technologically advanced, fuel-injected Suzuki with something so much better: a 1982 Yamaha XJ650RJC! Air cooled and carburetted, but at least it?s got TCI (no points ? yeah!) and a lovely low-maintenance shaft-drive.So how does it ride? Pretty darn nice! Feels much more nimble than the V-Strom ever was, but I?m
  19. Swap
    From Lucky's Hideaway I sold the V-Strom. I decided that it was just too darn tall and top heavy for me to comfortably handle given my current health issues, so I listed the bike on Kijiji and a few days later I got a bite. He came to pick it up last night.Although there was some melancholy when loading the bike onto his trailer, it was all good. Oh, and by the way, I made sure that he paid me first, as I've always sworn that never any bike that
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