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  1. New 'How-To' Videos On-Line
    From Canyon Chasers We here at CanyonChasers are extremely excited to offer a new way to experience our "workshop" section. Actual videos! We only have three fully developed now, but we have more on the way, and hopefully we'll get the audio sorted out so it'll be better on future videos, but for now, we invite you to take a peep at our first ones. How to Remove and Replace a Rear Wheel, and How to Remove and Replace a Front Wheel. All our video's can be found from our
  2. Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck and Six Ride Motorcycles!
    From Canyon Chasers Since tonight is the final, two hour series finale of the greatest television show of all time, the reimagined Battlestar Galactica (don't knock it until you've seen it), we felt compelled to say something, but how does a motorcycle website justify talking about science fiction? Well, in our perusals of "The Google" we found an article and video published by the LA Times about how Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) and Tricia Helfer (Six) both love to ride! How great is that?!? So, for your enjoyment, and in honor of the final
  3. Must See Motorcycle Movie
    From Canyon Chasers In the same vein as The Worlds Fastest Indian comes another motorcycle road movie, and this one looks to be even better - at least by the previews. Joshua Jackson (remember the kid from The Mighty Ducks?) has only one week to live, so what does he do? He buys himself a Norton and rides across Canada, and according to the site, he chooses a very good route; through Banff, Kamloops and into Vancouver. We personally recognized four of our favorite motorcycle roads in just the trailer! Sadly, One
  4. CanyonChasers now on Facebook
    From Canyon Chasers CanyonChasers now has a facebook page where you can become a fan of CanyonChasers. Why would you want to do such a thing? Well, if you become a fan, you'll get updates and information about public rides, new product reviews, photos, site updates and all that other cool stuff. And, if you are already on Facebook, you'll be able to upload your own CanyonChasers photos and make posts about your Canyon-Chasin' adventures. Plus, its a great way to connect with other like-minded riders - riders who are about the journey
  5. Could it be? A reborn Cagiva Elefant?
    From Canyon Chasers Could it be? Not very likely. But, an astute CanyonChasers reader found and sent us these images from an Italian motorcycle website (click the image to see the full-size graphic). Three renderings of a new Cagiva Elefant (three renderings that look an awful lot like some renderings of the new Multistrada (Strada Aperta)). But nevertheless, our love of the brilliant, three time Dakar Rally winning, called the best big dirt bike the world has ever known, Elefant (with an "f") keeps us hopeful that maybe, just maybe, renderings like this
  6. Alpinestars SG-1 Leather Suit Review
    From Canyon Chasers In these tough economic times, making your motorcycle dollar go a little farther becomes increasingly important. And so it is with this entry level product; the Alpinestars SG-1 one-piece leather suit. We've tested two of these, one has even been crash tested. Find out what we found out about this budget-priced, entry level suit. Just how much do you get for an MSRP of $650? Read the full review »
  7. Ducati Tundra?
    From Canyon Chasers So the Jonses next door have a black and orange Harley-Davidson edition Ford F-250 to match their Screaming Eagle Ultra-Classic, and the only thing you have to match your Desmosedici is a plain old white Toyota Tundra. If only there was something more. Well now there is! Keep up with the Jonses with this Tundra/Ducati Transporter! Not only is it painted in Ducati champion red with Corse racing stripe, but it has a motorized loading ramp, pop-up solar panels to keep your tire warmers warming away at
  8. Motorcycles More Dangerous Than War
    From Canyon Chasers According to a CNN news story, more marines were killed riding motorcycles than in combat operations over the course of the past year; and all but one of them involved a high-performance sport bike. This may result in the Marine Corps enforcing some extremely strict penalties on Marines caught riding motorcycles, even on leave! Fortunately, since Marines understand the importance and value of training, penalties will only be imposed on Marines who have not received formal rider training. We fully agree with this thinking and say so with
  9. Travel Log Contest Winner
    From Canyon Chasers We are pleased to announce the winner of our 2008 Road Trip Contest! We had so many submissions, many more than we expected, that it was extremely hard to decide. But Larry from Arizona eeked out a victory by a smidgen with his 2006 Trip Report when him and his buddy Martin rode into the great white north on a FZ-1 and Triumph Rocket III. As a result, Larry won the CanyonChasers T-shirt of his choice and his trip report has been published on CanyonChasers. Read his report
  10. Jay Leno on Arai Helmets
    From Canyon Chasers Astute CanyonChasers reader Don sent this video our way, and we are very glad that we did. Its a snippet from the cable-show called "Jay's Garage". This segment discusses, in very good detail we might add, the importance of a properly sized helmet, how to get a properly sized helmet as well as some basic helmet care tips from Arai big-wig, Bruce Porter. While most of the information favors Arai helmets, its still very good content to help you make a more informed decision when its time for
  11. RidersDiscount offers up to 35% off
    From Canyon Chasers We are very excited to announce an exciting deal from RidersDiscount.com. All CanyonChasers readers get the rock-bottom pricing on anything on their site - As Much As 35% Off! To take advantage of this great deal do like this; Call their toll free number (800-931-6644) and let them know you are from CanyonChasers, you may need to tell them that it's "UP TO 35% off" deal. To find out your price, contact sales at (616-931-6644) - Be sure to let them know you are from CanyonChasers. Visit RidersDiscount.Com today
  12. Alaska By Motorcycle - Now in Two Versions
    From Canyon Chasers It's taken us almost six months to compile everything from our two-week adventure to Alaska into our newest trip report. Brace yourself, this one is absolutely epic! The full version is quite long (but has all the glorious details including interactive maps, lots of route details, history of the areas we visited and much more). But realizing it is quite long, we are trying something new and are offering two versions of the tale. The full version, think of it as the "Directors Cut" and the new "Short-Attention-Span" version
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