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Still Life with Cranston Ritchie

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  1. Bull in the stall
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie I can actually walk through the garage.
  2. Ironhead
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie I guess if you look at pictures of enough H-Ds, eventually you'll want one. I'm there. Crap, how did I let this happen? Now, like all my motorcycling pipe dreams this will probably never come to fruition but here's what I've been thinking. And when I say thinking I mean morning, noon, and night. I can't shake this. There is a remote possibility that I could wind up with this: The how's and why's of this are not appropriate to discuss here but if the planets align, it could be mine for
  3. Been a lot going on...
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie ...mostly in my head. I did buy another camera. I like it.
  4. Spot the Bob!
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie Happy Birthday Mr. Zimmerman, wherever you are."You'd better learn to swim or you'll sink like a stone - cause the times they are a changing"
  5. Another quick one.
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie Watch for Dave Aldana crashing... Rooster from SIDEBURN on Vimeo.
  6. I will not use "Spin me right round baby" as a post title.
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie My newest acquisition. It was either this or a hole in the head. Actually, the ENT says I broke a blood vessel in my head and my ear is full of blood. If the antibiotics don't clear it up he'll put in a tube. That would be a hole in my head. So technically, I need the hole in my head more than the lathe. I got the lathe so the hole is next on the list. Until then, I'll just turn up the radio. I am pretty psyched about
  7. Tennessee
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie  Indiana from 27,000 ft. The Ryman Ernest Tubb's Record shop. LunchThe "Real" Bill Monroe The good news is I get to go to the ENT now so I can have him relieve the pressure in my head. I forgot that the high flyin' and sinus issues don't really go hand in hand. Felt like I got ear-banged with an ice pick. Still can't hear. Later. 
  8. Feeling much more sane lately.
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie Which for me means: I'm acting all goofy, telling people I love to go fuck themselves (in an endearing manner I assure you), and most importantly, quite creative and inspired. Mostly it's the weather. I'm really starting to get why folks move away from winter. Anyway, despite the fact that my grass is growing an inch an hour and I blew up my lawnmower I'm feelin pretty good. Not good enough to make time to create real blog posts, mind you but I don't think my wife needs to wield
  9. Coming Soon...ish
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie Headstock on the left, tailstock on the right.
  10. What's with all the video?
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie This piece was done by Henrik Hansen. In a complimentary way it has a very Wes Anderson feel to it. If I may use the man as an adjective. Many of the videos I have seen of late have that look. Perhaps Wes stole it; I don't profess to be the expert. Certainly the Futura typeface is right in there but I think there is a bit of a 60's documentary thing happening with a generous helping of Gen-X styled creativity. The bit at the 1:10 mark is...I don't think there is
  11. Yes, Please.
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie Closer To The Edge Trailer from Moto Rivista on Vimeo.
  12. The American Dream
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie Garage Company for Born Free 3 from Michael Schmidt on Vimeo. EDIT: I turned off the autostart...I think. Pretty cool short video showing some rad bikes. Have a look. Don't you wish your Garage looked like his? I do. This video was done by Michael Schmidt whose photography I admire very much, but not always safe for work.
  13. Joe's Garage
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie   I spent a little time in my buddy Joe's garage with him a while back. He was doing a little work on an old Yamaha while we chatted and I took pictures. More pictures and the rest of the story after the jump... I met Joe in high school. We had similar interests in motorcycles, cars, and music. We've had our ups and downs over the years but he still lets me come around and sit at his kitchen table and ramble on. He listens as though I'm
  14. Smokescreen
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie I borrowed some lights from a friend to play around with. I'm really loving what you can do with more power when it comes to lights. Speaking of power, this weeks assignment topic for my Project52 photo is power.Big block muscle cars certainly exude power. This has been the most fun of all my assignments from this project. Here's the aftermath...John probably burned up $20.00 worth of tire just for this picture. The cloud was quite impressive. Thanks John. I also had the opportunity to shoot a nice '63 Catalina. I'll
  15. I'm talking bout my generation.
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie Vans 4Q Sk8-Mid Lmtd from Utility Board Supply on Vimeo. I used to skate. I read Thrasher and TWS. I had a BMX phase as well. The motorcycle thing was always going on but there were a few years there where I skated a lot. I still have my board and my bike. I'm 39. The guy in the video is Max Schaaf. He's 'bout the same age. He's a pro skater and chopper builder. He was in Thrasher and TWS as well as a bunch of bike mags. What am
  16. Joe Morello 1928-2011
    From Still Life with Cranston Ritchie Rest in Peace Joe. Tell Max I said Hi. To any of you musicians, what time signature is this?  I could practice for the rest of my life and never be able to lay that shit down.  I actually got tears in my eyes watching this. You think John Bonham invented playing with his hands? If you've never heard of Joe this might jog your memory...
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