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Remember the Brakes….!

by Maricon Williams

“Remember the brakes…!” that’s what my father always reminds me whenever I go out for a ride on my Yamaha motorcycle. And I always reply with a smile and a shrug. I thought my father must probably think that most motorcycle accidents are the result of drivers forgetting to hit the brakes. And then it happens… BLAG! - I hit a SUV in front of me and guess what? I forgot to hit the brakes. So my father was right. But still, even after that incident I simply just ride my motorcycle without any care. It’s always fun to ride around town racing with friends on busy streets or beating the red light. That was then, when I can still walk and ride my motorcycle but now I’m stuck in my wheelchair although I still do racing with my co-paralyzed friends.

Sad, isn’t it? However, no matter how many stories like this are published or written still very few people do actually care to stop and read and then learned from the mistakes of others. This article may not contain new ideas regarding traffic and safety tips since I, for one thinks that there are really no other way of stating these tips. This article aims to increase awareness on how to avoid motorcycle accidents.

Here’s the list of safety road tips:
  • Obey all the traffic rules and signs.
  • Keep a safe distance from vehicles in front of you. Whenever you see cluster of cars ahead try to slow down because this might be an indication of an accident and you don’t want to go crushing on it.
  • Check your mirrors from time to time to see passing vehicles.
  • Keep on the side where the driver of the vehicle in front of you can visibly see you. This rule depends on what country you’re in because there are some countries that make use of right-hand drive vehicles while in some countries its left-hand drive.
  • Try to keep a safe distance from “speeders”, let the police takes care of them.
  • Always makes use of your signal light to warn approaching vehicles that you’re about to take a turn or to change lane.
  • “Remember the BRAKES…!”- Different instances requires different amount of force on the brakes.
  • Turn off you cell phones so that it won’t destruct you while you’re driving.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive.
  • Be mindful of the pedestrians crossing. Remember that pedestrians have as much right in using the road as you do.
So the next time you go out for a ride just remember the brakes because trivial as you deemed it is the brakes can actually save your life. Check your brakes regularly.

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