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Who Says You’re the BUMPER?!...

by Maricon Williams

So it’s your first motorcycle and it’s your first time to ride. Your hands are probably shaking… either from too much excitement or from fears or probably you’re excited and fearful at the same time…well, either way you’re in for a ride of your life. Motorcycle rides is an exhilarating experience since you are in contact with your surroundings. You get to enjoy the scenery as well as the soft rush of wind on your face as you go along beautiful fields because it is open. Riding a motorcycle is like being one with everything and no other land transportation vehicle can provide you with such equal experience…hmmm…come to think of it there’s the bicycle which is a close relative of the motorcycle but that’s another topic for another time.

Beauty has its corresponding ugliness and motorcycle accidents are definitely the ugliest as well as the nastiest part a rider may ever experience. You have probably heard from other people that the time you mount your motorcycle you ought to prepare yourself for the worst. Because they said that riding motorcycle is like signing your death sentence. And also, other’s said that you, the rider becomes the bumper during collision accidents. Although there might be some truth behind all these but remember accidents happen to those who are not CAREFUL.

For your peace of mind, here is a list of do’s and don’ts when riding a motorcycle:
  • It is always best to get a professional training in riding motorcycle since most riding centers or schools teach defensive driving. Likewise, various traffic and safety rules are part of the driving program given to starting riders.
  • Have with your driver license with you always. Remember that in case of motorcycle accidents drivers without a license are given additional penalty aside from the penalty due to the accident.
  • Always use a helmet and also provide your back rider a helmet so both you’re heads are protected not only from accidents but also from too much rays of the sun.
  • Always make use of your common sense, meaning when you’re drunk then don’t drive. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by those drunk drivers who think they could perform a balancing act on the road, the result? It’s a balancing act alright depending on the severity of the accident they may be lucky if the living part is heavier than the resting in peace part of the balance.
  • Take heed of your mother’s advice to wear protective clothing and gears. There are various protective accessories available either online or offline, examples of which are goggles, sun shades for protection of your eyes, jackets that range in various designs and colors, gloves, pants and also those stylish rider’s boots. It all depends on your personality.
  • And make sure that your motorcycle clothing and gears are made up of abrasion-resistant materials such as leather.
  • Always check your motorcycle before going out for a ride. Remember that no amount of cure can top prevention. So make it a habit to check the tires, the brakes, the oil, the signal lights, etc. of your motorcycle its better to be cautious than be sorry later.
  • When you’re on the road make sure that you’re on the proper lane to avoid accidents.
  • Avoid dangerous overtakes. Most motorcycle drivers have this habit of overtaking on the right side of a car or a truck. If you value your life you won’t follow such scheme since drivers of the other vehicle might not easily see you.
  • Follow speed limits. These speed limits are there to protect you and guide you, so don’t take them for granted.

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