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Footwear: The Most Neglected Motorcycle Apparel

by Maricon Williams

They are saying that the most neglected part of the body is the feet. I guess this is also true when it comes to protecting it.

In motorcycle riding, most of the riders are not really that acquainted on how they can protect their feet while speeding off. They are usually settled on the ordinary protection they are getting from rubber shoes, sneakers and the likes. But this should not be the case. Our feet need equal protection as any part of our body. Thus, we need to use the right apparel that will sure give comfort and protection to our feet.

How did leather come into the motorcycle footwear apparel market? Let us trace it Ö Leather began its valuable contribution when it was used during prehistoric times as protection to the feet. Our ancestors tied it around their feet to give them warmth and protection. According to the records, the sandal which is the earliest form of footwear was worn in Egypt, Greece and Rome. This footwear is soft and light. It has strands that extend to the ankle. This footwear also comes up with regal decorations like cloth of gold and velvet aside from the leather.

Nowadays, a wide-selection of footwear is available in the market. One of which is boots. There are leather boots appropriate for motorcycle riding.

Speaking of leather footwear, it has now become one of the hottest trends in motorcycle apparel. In fact, its fame is overwhelming and still soaring. Men, women, adult and children are hooked in wearing boots. Itís fashionable. Itís addicting!

Now, stomping on mud and driving under rain showers is no longer a bother for the feet because this kind of footwear will keep them dry and protected. Not only that, boots are easy to clean and maintain. In hectic days, you can just wipe it with a dry cloth and viola Ė it will easy give off its shine. Boots not only give you optimum protection but it creates an impression of trend and fashion. They not only feel good but look good as well. So whenever you are there, maneuvering your motorcycle, you need not worry about ventilation, protection and sacrificing your sense of cool and rugged fashion.

Boots can be easily blended so it is always in-style. It can also enhance the comfort and mobility of the feet so that the rider can exercise the agility and preciseness in his riding adventure!

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Article wasnt that imformative, but I still liked it. Alot of bikers dont wear boots. I would of lost my toes in my wreck if I had not been wearing my steel-toe boots. My recomendation is to get a pair of steel toe construction boots for a bike. They are tough, protect your feet, have non-slip soles, and are alot cheaper then most specific motorcycle boots.
- Wes

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