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How are Motorcycle Jackets Chosen?

by Maricon Williams

Jackets are indispensable to riders. They make the riders feel cool, dry and warm. In fact, it has been regarded as their second skin. Motorcycle jackets guard the rider from weather and other elemental forces. They also help protect the rider from bruises, fractures and lesions.

Nowadays, the most popular material for motorcycle jackets is leather. It comes in either perforated leather or colored leather. Leather is pretty fashionable. It is a semaphore of supremacy and trend that has already transcend time. Perhaps, these characteristics have triggered designers to use it in the man-dominated world which are – riding and racing!

Aside from leather, a widely-used material is now growing in fame. The use of textile has perforated the motorcycle market. In cases of commuting and touring, mesh textile material is highly recommended by both manufacturers and riders. The use of it connotes a healthy air circulation. This material is easy to maintain and take care of. Textile material also comes with a water-proof protection feature to keep a rider dry while traveling miles and miles. A good material can very well safeguard you from shower or rain.

To guide you on how to choose motorcycle jackets, here are some of the pointers to consider:

  • Right size. You can have the manufacturer’s catalog to guide you in picking your right size. Use a tape measure to measure your chest, arms and other vital parts of your body to assure a comfy fit.
  • More Pockets. The more pockets the more your storage will be. You can use these pockets to keep your significant things within your reach. Make sure that the pockets can be zipped or closed securely so that its contents will not drop.
  • Waterproof it! Waterproof jacket can save you from catching colds and fever in a rainy day escapade. It will also serve as your shield against some elemental hazards.
  • Proper airing. Get a jacket that flails with the direction of the wind. Another alternative is to open the zipped parts of the jacket to make the most of ventilation.
  • Longer sleeves, the better. Longer sleeves accommodate the flexible position of the rider. It makes it easy for him to maneuver the vehicle to submit to his desire.
Now you know how motorcycle jackets are chosen. Don’t just grab one without examining them… chances are it may not be suited to you. Waste of money, isn’t it? Be prepared for those unforeseen events in riding - fall, headaches, insect bites, sunburn, blisters, and many other bother, have yourself a MOTORCYCLE JACKET!

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