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Motorcycle Riding Best Keept Secrets Revealed

by Paul English

Motorcycling is one of the best ways to get away from it all at a weekend or warm summer evening. Thanks to the popularity of Harley Davidson and similar cruiser-styled bikes, more and more people are attracted to riding as a leisure past-time.

But the roads can be very hazardous for the inexperienced or under prepared, here are a few general pointers for all riders.

Motorcycle Riding TIP 1 - Riding with Passengers
It's a natural desire to share the motorcycling experience with friends.

Before you ride with passengers, make sure your motorcycle is equipped and adjusted to carry passengers. (e.g. adjust the cycle to handle the extra weight).

It's a fact that your motorcycle responds slower with a passenger on board. And, the heavier your passenger, the longer it will take you to slow down, speed up or make a turn.

Also take extra care with inexperienced passengers; they are not used to leaning over through turns!

What you need to do in order to adjust for the differences in handling when riding two-up:
  • Go a little slower (especially when taking curves, corners or bumps)
  • Slow earlier as you approach a stop sign
  • Wait for larger gaps if you want to cross, enter or merge with traffic.

Motorcycle Riding TIP 2 - Riding in a Group
When riding in a group it is recommended to put your most experienced rider in the rear position simply because this person is in the best position to observe the riding abilities of the others and recommend changes to accommodate them if need be, plus is the person that most often obtains that new lane for the group.

Do not ride bunched up, allow plenty of space - 20 to 30 yards minimum - also ride staggered on the road, not one behind the other.

NOTE: when riding in the lead of a group, as you approach the crest of a hill, move away from the center line.

Motorcycle Riding TIP 3 - Protect Yourself
Don't ride for long periods without a break for food or drink, especially in the heat of summer. It's easy to get tired and lose concentration if you set yourself a too high goal for the day. Actually, most bikes have pretty small gas tanks these days, so you have to stop regularly. So take advantage, relax and enjoy your journey!

It's best to avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks as they are stimulants which can affect your reactions when tired or weary - but for me the biggest reason is that coffee makes me want to pee!

Wear your protective riding gear, always! Even in the heat, there are solutions that can provide basic protection. Something is better than nothing.

Finally, you've read the 3 Motorcycle Riding Tips. Don't you think you should go outside and TEST your motorcycle riding skills ?


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