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Install a Rev Counter on your Motorcycle

By: Granny's Mettle

The tachometer or the rev counter tells how much the speed of the engine of the motorcycle revolutions per minute (RPM). Common nowadays are electronic rev counters that can be installed by the dealers you get them from. But for used motorcycle parts, rev counters usually come in just any wrapping without instructions or diagrams. In cases like these, you may install your rev counter with the following instructions to help you.

The very first step is to move the headlight away. This is a great help later on in avoiding some mistakes and will definitely help you finish faster. If you feel a little hesitant in removing your headlight, you might prefer to just let it dangle by the wire. Just make sure that wire can handle your headlight's weight.

Then take the side pin out of the speedometer. Remove the two allen screws from the back of the speedometer and keep all the parts. I kept mine in a coffee mug and was able to account for all of them when I was putting everything back. Slide the speedo canister down the speedo cable with a good pair of pliers to loosen the cable.

Notice the two wires on the back of the speedo. Remove the speedo. To easily remove, lubricate the speedo then twist it out of the rubber grommet that holds it in the mounting plate.

At the front of the mounting plate you will see three allens. Remove the allens and hold the horizontal black plastic light pod on. Then remove the two allens that hold the mounting plate on the chassis.

At the back of the speedo, there are two screws that will allow you to twist the fitting where the cable screws are on. Loosen them just enough to allow you to twist the fitting as little as possible and with some resistance.

Then there are two "light housings" that contain three indicator lights each. Jot down the wire color combinations. This information will become handy later on. Afterwhich, you have to remove the indicator lights from the housing. Then take out all the used motorcycle parts of the rev counter.

Run the indicator lights in the new black plastic T-shaped Light Housing. Lubricate the little rubber receptacles and twist them a little. This should form a T when you look at it from the front.

Then install next either the light cluster or the speedo. If you decide to install the light cluster first, then it’s the rear chrome cover second, then the black plastic T housing, then the plastic indicator plate, then the foam rubber gasket, and finally the front chrome cover.

Next, install the tachometer. Get the rubber grommet in the hole on the right which you can easily see as you look at the front of the face plate. Lube the housing, rotate and wiggle it into the grommet. Then install the wires. The yellow wire, for light, goes in the hole at the back that the bulb pushes into. Black wire, for ground goes to the terminal marked (-), while the red/black goes to the (+). The yellow/black goes to the terminal between the ground and +12 volt terminals. Another black wire which has a covered end is the ring connector. Put it on one of the studs at the back of the rev counter. This is for the light in your tachometer.

Just a few screws to tighten and knots to bolt and you're done. Easy isn't it?

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