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How to Choose Motorcycle Pants

First, find a pair of pants that are not too baggy. This will reduce the flapping and prevent your legs from going numb. Well fitted pants will also not bunch at the knee and lap, cutting off your blood supply.

Wind Protection
Protection from the wind is important. Bugs and rocks will strike you if you are lucky, if you are unlucky you will be pelted with much worse. Make sure that you have pants that are thick, durable and windproof.

Road Protection
Leather is the best protection when sliding down the road. I know it is never our intention to go down, but we must always be prepared for it. For the most protection, a pair of jeans covered by leather chaps or pants will protect you from friction related injuries. Jeans covered by Cordura or other thick material is almost as good. Jeans by themselves will protect you, but donít expect to ever wear them after the crash, and be prepared to apply gauze to the road rash you will have. Any kind of sweatpants, slacks or shorts are useless. You had better be riding slow and out where there are no cars.

Rain Protection
Obviously you will need a waterproof material to go over your pants when it rains but be sure that it fits you well, not too baggy, and is fire resistant. A lot of non-motorcycle-specific rain gear is made a little big to go over clothes to keep you warm. Unfortunately on a motorcycle your legs get close to parts that get very hot. A lot of the rain gear is made with materials that catch fire easily, or melt when near a heat source. That is why I recommend paying the extra cash and spring for motorcycles-specific rain gear. It is usually thicker and fitted with heat insensitive materials on the legs to prevent fires or melting.


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