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Motorcycle Gear For Every Long Distance Rider

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Over the past 10 years, Lucas Knight has been a motorcycle rider. He has built up an incredible passion for travelling by motorbike and always wishes to contribute to motorcyclist community. This is the reason why he created MotorManner.com where his passion is turned into useful and interesting information to the motorcycle lover.

Want to head out on a nice, long distance adventure on your motorcycle but confused about the gear you should be wearing? Worry not, the information below could certainly help you in understanding what you need. Now we all know how important motorcycle safety gear really is, but things get a bit specific when it comes to motorcycle safety gear meant for long distance riding.

Planning for a long ride involves a lot of planning and preparation so even the smallest of difference matters a lot. Be it long distance motorcycling jackets, boots, armored pants or even gloves for that matter, they all come with features that not only protect the rider but also keep the rider comfortable for long distances, no matter what nature throws at him/her. Let's explore the different types of long distance riding gear to look out for:

Motorcycle Boots

Long distance riding would involve traveling over different types of terrains, which definitely highlights the need for boots that can take up a lot of beating and sliding. Motorcycle boots, especially for long distance touring are designed to protect a rider's feet and most boots come with toe, heel and shin protection. Touring boots are waterproof but breathable and are mostly made out of leather or GORE-TEX. A good pair of motorcycle boots also enable a rider to walk without much difficulty, making it easier for riders to venture out on foot for short distances while on a motorcycle tour.


Motorcycle gloves for long distance riding are meant to absorb impact in case of a crash, so they are mostly made out of leather, textile and mesh. They are designed to provide maximum comfort, ventilation and superior protection with a multi-season capability. The protection offered on them varies, depending on the price one can pay but most gloves are designed in a way so as to provide at lease a basic level of protection, which include carbon fibre knuckle protector and a thick padding on the palm to protect the palm from bruises in case of a slide. Motorcycling touring gloves that are at the higher end of the price range (generally 150$ and above) are full gauntlet and come with additional technical details which make them way more protective. All touring gloves are light weight, waterproof yet breathable and offer a higher level of confidence.

Touring Helmet

Motorcycling touring helmets are usually full face and light weight. The lining inside touring helmets is extremely comfortable and they mostly feature a good number of air vents for ventilation. They are highly versatile in nature as well since they perform the job of keeping the rider safe and comfortable under cold, wet, hot or dry weather conditions. These helmets are designed for doing 500 to 1500 mile a day journeys, so they are well engineered to offer good aerodynamics, regardless of the rider's seating position on the motorcycle. A good, long distance motorcycle helmet should be DOT, ECE or SNELL certified, so one does need to look for these certifications when buying a long distance motorcycling helmet.

Motorcycle Touring Jacket

Long distance motorcycling jackets are rugged, comfortable and all weather proof. They offer a variety of protection like armors for shoulders, elbows, chest and for the back! The armors present in the basic long distance touring jackets are CE level 1 certified but if the rider prefers to be more comfortable with respect to armor then there are jackets available with armors that bear a CE level 2 certification or SAS-TEC armor, for a slightly higher price. Long distance touring jackets are mostly made out of textile or Cordura and come with a detachable rain and thermal liner meant for cold and wet weather conditions.

Jackets that are made from GORE-TEX are also ideal for touring since they are waterproof, windproof and have more tolerance towards other external elements but keep the rider comfortable at the same time. These jackets are also slightly longer in size compared to conventional street or racing jackets and have many utility pockets on them.

Touring Pants

Motorcycle touring pants are similar to touring jackets in terms of the comfort they offer and the purpose they serve as they are highly ventilated, have CE level 1, CE level 2 or SAS-TEC armor at the knees and hips, depending on their price range.

They are made from Cordura that provides a lot of abrasion resistance in case the rider slides after falling off. The liner inside the riding pant is soft and smooth since it is made out of polyester that prevents skin irritation. The pants also help the rider in keeping the important bits down there cool and dry! Riding pants too come with rain liner but a motorcycle touring pant made out of GORE-TEX material is completely waterproof.


All in all, it is essential for a rider to try out new, long distance riding gear before buying them as it essential to buy the correct size. Wearing motorcycle gear that is of an incorrect size won't do its job of protecting the rider. It is also important to check if the gear provides comfort and confidence. Premium brands also offer long distance riding suit as a package which contain all the above riding gear, but they do come at a premium price.


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