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Online Traffic School schedules used to dictate where and when a driver managed to satisfy their court-ordered traffic school requirements. In more remote areas, it might be weeks before a student could get to a school that was at a sufficiently convenient time and location to make it worth attending. All that changed with the advent of the traffic school online. Now, it is possible to take an traffic school from the comfort of home, without ever setting foot in a classroom.

There are many reasons why someone might want to take a Online Traffic School course. Most commonly, a court has required it of a driver who was convicted of some sort of moving violation. These courses can be used to remove points from a driver's license or have a ticket dismissed. Occasionally, the court requires defensive driving training as part of a sentence.

Another reason someone might take a traffic school Online classes is for insurance purposes. In many states, there is a requirement that insurance providers give a mandatory discount for up to three years to drivers who have taken defensive driving lessons. Usually this is reserved for senior citizens, but in some regions any driver of any age can take advantage. This is also true of individual insurance providers, who are permitted to set their own rules as long as the minimum standards are met. So, for example, if an insurance company is required to give a minimum 10% discount to drivers over 65 years old who take a course, they might choose to give 15% to any driver over 50 instead. It is vital to check with your insurance provider and find out what your age, region, and driving record qualify you for in terms of discounts after taking a defensive driving class.

Less common are drivers who are taking driving safety for reasons such as a prerequisite to a job offer, or a teen whose parents are using a practical and unique punishment for a violation of family rules, or good drivers who simply want to brush up on their safety techniques and educate themselves on the latest rules and regulations.

Regardless of their reasons for wanting to take a driver refresher course, traffic school online is by far the most convenient way to go about it. The convenience of registering for, attending, and completing a course remotely is unmatched. In some cases, you only need to walk out to your mailbox, or answer your door if you have chosen the overnight courier option, and your certificate of completion will be placed right in your hand.

Some might worry about the validity of such a course, but in many states, the governing bodies have already written legislation that approves the use of online courses for the above purposes. There are various ways that the students' identities are authenticated, including phone-in voice verification and detailed survey questions asked during enrollment and then periodically re-introduced in the middle of the course. Check with the group requiring the course first, then feel free to take advantage of technology and get it done easily, online.

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