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Essential Motorcycle Gear - Look Good And Stay Safe While Riding Your Motorcycle or Chopper

By Tim Gorman

When riding a motorcycle there are some items you just should not go without.

A helmet

Bikers seem to lean toward being an independent bunch. You know, they don't seem to like to be told what they should do. Well, as you might expect, many bikers resent the helmet laws and especially the enforcement of helmet laws. Helmets might be somewhat uncomfortable and many people think helmets look stupid.

The government isn't wrong all the time especially about the helmet safety issue. And very little is more uncomfortable than knocking your head off the pavement. Not only that, you'll look even more stupid in the hospital with your head all bandaged up.

Get a helmet that fits

With the new kinds of synthetic materials scientists have discovered and new helmet engineering, helmets have become an engineering marvel. With their strong composite resin shells they really do help protect your head while they let you enjoy the feeling of looking cool - yes, even with a helmet. Various styles and types abound. From the full-face to the open-face and the flip-up, they all have their positive and negative attributes considering the type of biking you do.

You should be wearing a jacket, pants and boots along with your helmet since your head isn't the only part that will slam down on the pavement if the bike lays down. Yup, leather can be very hot and cause you to sweat, so find a clothing design for riding that gives wicking and/or excellent breathing materials and fits well.

Motorcycle jackets have moved way beyond just thick leather. Various composites along with mesh and you got to love this; even electric heating grids can be obtained. You must pay attention to fit since is important for a comfortable ride and it works hand in hand with safety. If you can't be free to move about you won't be able to control your bike properly. You should have no problem finding a style you like - there are many to choose from.

Leather riding pants are known to suffocate the lower half of your body and cramp you style by chafing your... essential gear. Protection is needed, but comfort is also required - try being uncomfortable for those long road trips. Kevlar Keprotec for the groin area and inner thighs are definitely worth looking into. Wicking mesh will help to keep you dry on the hot days you ride. Get waterproofing since you know you will always be getting caught out in the rain.

Motorcycle boots are a must. Any fool who rides in flip-flops, running shoes or dress shoes has never met the highway in a personal fashion and must not care much about their feet and ankles. The styles and the variety available in boots is larger than any of other motorcycle riding accessory.

First, what kind of motorcycle riding you like to do most. Maybe you will be in need of more than one pair of boots in the long run. The basic types of motorcycle boots are street, off-road and racing boots. Pick your type of boot with the type of riding you do in mind. Boots will be stiff, but you don't want rigid boots unless you doing some type of special riding and have a need for them, a need like professional racing.

The old-fashioned, basic, black leather motorcycle boot with rubber soles are definitely an option. Things really have changed since Brando played in the trendsetting biker movie, The Wild One, (based on a true story, in fact). Sure, they still do the job, but they are not your most comfortable choice, and they don't give the best foot and leg protection.

Features such as: Kevlar lining, boots that are easily removed by zippers or ski-boot style buckles, either short or upper-calf in height, and lined with the latest wicking mesh mean the boots today are as high-tech and functional as next year's car. Creature comfort and good fit are very important. Optional shin plates are good, but they are for racers that need that extra metal base plate. There are more colors are available in boots than Dennis Hopper saw on any of his acid trips. Choose a style that fits your personality.

That was a list of the basic protective gear, and there are a host of cool tools and motorcycle add-ons that will allow you to enjoy a ride that will be more comfortable and convenient. Get a trip computer or a Dick Tracy-style watch or handlebar attachment, saddlebags for carrying stuff, repair kits are good to have too... endless stuff. Many needed items are available as well as things just to make you feel good.

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