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Motorcycle Saddlebags Buying Guide

By Alamdar H

Leather saddlebags are essential particularly for motorcycles used as an every day mean of transportation. They can help to carry daily needed items like refreshments, handbags and small quantity of reserve oil which can not be placed in your back pack or pockets. With so many companies offering saddlebags of various kinds it can be confusing for the average motorcycle rider to make the right choice with out sufficient knowledge. This article offers step by step guidelines for purchasing motorcycle saddlebags.

First, search for a motorcycle accessories store in your locality. Calculate your budget and search for a best pair of saddlebags within your budget. Generally the prices of motorcycle saddlebags vary from 100 to 400 dollars. Majority of leather bags are adjustable to almost any motorcycle. Before purchasing the bag it is necessary to check its adjustment by laying it across the back fender. The next step is to install the saddlebags. It is an easy process and can be done with in 10 minutes. Start by removing the seat. Then put the bag's yoke on your motorcycle frame so that your saddlebags should hang downwards on one side of the frame. Place the seat on the yoke and the leather saddlebag and tighten the ties to forks or shock of your motorcycle on both sides.

One should refrain from buying leather saddlebags and other accessories from showrooms and also refrain from adding them to a new motorcycle finance package. This is because show rooms charge high prices for these accessories. Buy the motorcycle brackets that are fitted to the both sides of back fender. These metal brackets are used to keep the saddlebags away from the rear wheel and shocks of the motorcycle. These motorcycle brackets can be purchased from anywhere between 35 to 95 dollars. In order to customize the bag it is possible to add studs to the saddle bags. Valuables should never be placed in saddlebags moreover lockable saddlebags should be preferred to avoid any theft. According to the experts a set of saddlebags should be spacious enough to carry belongings like jackets or a helmet.

Motorcycle riding has always been dangerous and it can cause severe injuries including death. It is highly advisable that you should have enough training and proper gear prior to riding a motorcycle.

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