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Custom Motorcycle Kit - Intro to Custom Bike Building

By Lyle Dove

A custom motorcycle kit is a great way to get started as a custom bike builder.

There's something very appealing about building your own bike. Not only do you end up with a cool bike that your friends will be envious of, but you also get a great sense of pride (and bragging rights) because you built it yourself. Sounds good, but building your first bike is a huge undertaking..

You'll have to do a lot of planning to come up with

  • a functional design

  • a listing of parts needed

  • an affordable source for your parts

  • a budget to try and stick to

And that's just the beginning. Many beginning builders find that their designs will left something out, their parts weren't in when they needed them and they spent more than they planned. These are the reasons that many first builds never get completed.

Most of these issues can be avoided by starting out with a custom motorcycle kit. They allow you to overcome many of the challenges that first time builders face and still give you the satisfaction of building it yourself.

Kits vary in their completeness. Some kits, like the biker's choice custom motorcycle kit, comes complete with everything you need. This way, you won't end up having to buy any parts individually. There'll be no unexpected delays or costs.

With a custom motorcycle kit, you typically save several thousands of dollars over a bike built by purchasing parts individually. Often, you can sell your kit built bike for more than you paid. Allowing you to move on to your next build.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a custom motorcycle kit is that everything is already planned out for you. You know all the parts will fit together. You know the frame geometry will make the bike rideable. You know exactly how much the bike will cost from the very beginning. Knowing you have a solid plan gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on having fun building the bike of your dreams.

A custom motorcycle kit may not give you the flexibility of buying parts individually from scratch. What it does give you is a solid package that works. It's a great introduction to custom motorcycle building.

Lyle Dove is an avid motorcyclist who enjoys all aspects of the sport including motocross and road racing. When he's not out riding, he spends his time writing articles on the sport he loves.


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