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Leo Vince Exhaust System Review

By Lyle Dove

When you want more performance from your sportbike, you'll get the most bang for your buck by adding an aftermarket exhaust system. Slip-ons are a bit cheaper if you're budget conscious, but the money you spend on a full system will be money well spent. In this article, the popular Leo Vince Exhaust system is reviewed.

It's a little known fact that Leo Vince exhaust products are manufactured in northern Italy. The company has been manufacturing exhaust systems for over 50 years. The companies products are tested and developed on race teams throughout the world (including MotoGP, World Superbike, and AMA Superbike). The original owner still runs the company today with his grandson.

How do the systems perform? Read on.

For most applications, Leo Vince exhaust canisters are offered in 3 different materials: titanium, carbon fiber, and aluminum). This is where a bulk of the weight savings is realized.

Unless you've had your stock canister off, you probably don't realize how heavy it is. The canister on most bikes weighs around 5 pounds. The aluminum canister from Leo Vince weighs roughly half this amount (Carbon Fiber weighs even less and Titanium is unbelievably light).

Although, any weight savings is good from a performance standpoint, bikes that have under seat exhaust especially benefit from swapping the stock canister for a lighter one by dramatically lowering your bike's center of gravity for improved handling.

Weight savings and performance doesn't come without a price. Leo Vince exhaust products range from a few hundred dollars for a slip-on canister to over $1,000 for a full race system. Here you can find good deals on Leo Vince Exhaust.

As mentioned previously, an aftermarket exhaust system will really wake up the power lurking inside your sportbike. These Leo Vince exhaust systems really improve sound (without being too loud) also. For the money, I expected to get a bit more of a horsepower gain. However, this exhaust system improved performance more than any other single mod that I have done since.

If you've got the money, go for the full system. You won't regret it. But you'll still notice a decent performance increase from the slip-on only. Shop around for the best price. Look for a merchant with a low price guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Best Deals on Leo Vince Exhaust

Lyle Dove is an avid motorcyclist who enjoys all aspects of the sport including motocross and road racing. When he's not out riding, he spends his time writing articles on the sport he loves.


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