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Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers - What To Look For In A Pull Behind Trailer

By Mike O'Gorman

There are a wide variety of pull behind motorcycle trailers available--but what is the best one for you?

Let's first consider what you're looking for the trailer to do. The number of trailers available are as varied as the number of uses.

Most bikers are looking for pull behind motorcycle trailers to accommodate extra gear and luggage to go on extended road trips. There are several things to keep in mind when buying a trailer for these types of tasks.

First and foremost is your bike's towing capacity. Most touring bikes can tow/carry a pretty decent load. The owners manual will tell you what your bike's capacities are.

Make sure that you also consider the trailer's capacities when buying it. Consider the dimensions of your luggage and make sure that it will allow the trailer to close with all of your bags in it.

The other consideration is weight. Add the weight of the empty trailer and your full luggage and that will equal your full load. Consider this, but then add your weight plus your passenger's weight and this equals your total on the bike.

Another important point is the trailer's ability to keep water off your luggage/gear. Check to see that all seams and gaskets are tight and in good shape to ensure dry stuff.

Another consideration is: How does the trailer track behind the bike? With an evenly-packed load the trailer should quickly become unobtrusive.

The trailer should not wobble or weave behind your bike. It should also easily track through corners and not impede your ability to stop quickly.

If a trailer does start to weave when loaded, STOP. This could spell disaster. Pull to a safe area and re-distribute the load to balance out the weight - this should do the trick.

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