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The Tyre Pressure FAQ

In cornering, or even a straight line the correct tyre pressures make the difference concerning maximum grip! Find out what the different opinions are between tyre manufactures and your owner’s manual…

Tyre Manufacturers and the Happy Medium!

Tyre manufacturers establish an average tyre pressure by testing them on as many types of bike, roads, riders and divergent conditions as they can. The result is that their recommendations, when it comes to pressures, are based on an average. This way they ensure that your tyres give the best performance over a range of varying conditions.

This means that for specialist riders, heavier riders, lighter riders or people riding pillion the tyre pressures are all the same. So when it comes to individual differences, these pressures can be tweaked in accordance with your requirements.

Specific Applications

It is considered that if you lower the pressures, you increase the grip. However, if you try this remember that tyres run hotter at lower degrees of inflation. Higher pressures generally run cooler while the tyre itself lasts longer. Higher settings should improve fuel consumption by lowering resistance.

Altering the balance of pressure in the tyres for varied performance is all about the ratio. Shifting the ratios one way or the other will have significant effects on handling. There are no perfect tyre pressures find out what your manual, a tyre dealer or expert recommends for your particular bike. The best opportunity for this is at the time you have new tyres fitted.

Fitting New Tyres

At the time of fitment, make sure they don’t just leave the pressures at the level they’re at when the new tyre was jimmied onto the rim. Apart from that, watch the wear over the next couple of weeks and check in with your dealer should you notice things going out of alignment. To end off, here are a few tips…

Tyre Tips:

  • Alter your tyre pressures depending on the load you intend carrying.
  • Avoid filling your tyres at a gas station! Gauges at the garage are notoriously inaccurate. Test this yourself…
  • Invest in a pressure gauge. Test the reading on the forecourt air pump against your own gauge and you’ll notice the difference!
  • Check the pressure when the tyres are cold. Pressures are inaccurate even after a short ride.
  • Check your pressures at least once a week.

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