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Bike Tips: You & Your Pillion!

Is there anything you need to know about carrying a passenger on your bike?
There certainly is! The dynamics of the motorcycle can change instantaneously.

Cornering becomes a wrestling match. Counter steering lands you up on the wrong side of the road. Not to mention the bouts of unexpected head butting that are likely to occur. Discover a few facts about taking care of your co-pilot…

Inform Your Lady\Friend

Communication between you and your pillion rider is the key to an enjoyable ride.
Let them know that you won’t be able to talk once you’ve started out. Make sure they understand the following points before you blast off…

  • Either to hold on to your waist or the grab rail. The former offering better balance and greater buffering against the effects of acceleration and braking.
  • Work out some form of signalling system to let you know if the pillion is happy, upset or scared to death.
  • Very important! Inform your co-pilot that leaning into the corners, and not the opposite, is the way balance is maintained on the vehicle.
  • When breaking they should keep their legs and feet firmly on the pegs as well as when stopping at robots.
  • Obviously, wear a helmet and jacket etc…

Things For You to Consider…

Once your pillion knows the facts, it’s now up to you to take it further….

You’ll need to ride a little smoother on the brakes and gear changes. Head butting and the sliding back and forth of the pillion can be avoided by doing everything just that bit smoother.

Remember that the pillion takes the brunt of an accident. Take care, you’re in charge and never forget it!

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