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How to Save Fuel with Economical Transport!

Motorcycles are economical transport! Think about it! Two wheels, light, at most using only six cylinders and usually carrying one passenger.

You’re obviously looking to save fuel? Find out why bikes are fuel saving vehicles, an answer to pollution, traffic jams, parking problems and boredom.
Beat Traffic!

Cape Town’s traffic!

Nothing compares to sitting for an hour, meandering to work at 10 k’s, breathing in lead and co2 while your fellow commuters pick their noses.

Why not convert to economical transport with a long-lean Boney?
Convert and slip between the cracks! Beat the multitude to the office at only 30 – 40 km per litre and still have time for coffee when you get there!

Parking Problems

Remember being a kid, riding your bicycle to the shop and dumping it just about anywhere? Parking it on the pavement, on the grass, riding on the sidewalks etc.

It’s rare, if not impossible, to get parking fines on a motorcycle, it can happen, but cops seem to actually like bikes, letting them be!

You’ll not only avoid fines, but you’ll also find parking everywhere - you won’t have to pay for it either. Now that’s economical transport!

Bikes that Save Fuel

Your average 125 cc motorcycle can keep going on one tank for the whole week.

Usually comprised of only one cylinder, these little fuel saving vehicles are the mechanical versions of Bruce Fordyce! Like a long-distance runner with a high metabolism and a long lifespan, good brands include Go-Moto, Jonway and LML.
Hell! Even Jamie Oliver rides one!

These are available at most motorcycle dealers in Cape Town.

Bigger Bikes

From experience, a 400 cc Suzuki Bandit consumes 18 litres of fuel per 250kms travelled. Not bad considering a tank costs only R55. Larger bikes can consume as much fuel as a car, so check with your dealer before purchasing.

Convert to Economical Transport

Bikes are an effective way to save fuel and are as exciting as shaving past the Grim Reaper down a dark, dank graveyard road! While the points mentioned in this article are tinged with odd bits of humour, they’re valid!

Look around, cars jam the streets, we can’t see the Drakensburg Mountains from Rhodes Memorial and our energy supply is questionable.

How do you feel about the situation? Now, think Tuc-Tuc, think Scooter, think bike!  

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