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Make a Smart Motorcycle Purchase (Harley vs Japanese Manufacturers)

by The Two Wheel Critic

Although Harleys are popular right now because it's "cool" to have one, be sure you research and understand what you are buying into with a Harley. I own both a Harley and a Kawasaki. My Harley a 2003 model and my Kawasaki a 2004 model. With a Harley you are told you are buying an "American made motorcycle" which is untrue once you research Harleys own suppliers. It's just like any Ford, Chevy or Dodge, it carries an American name with a lot of components made by companies all over the world. Unfortunately the Harley owners group uses this excuse to exclude anyone from riding with them unless they ride a Harley because it is not an American made bike, it's just a "rice burner". You don't just buy a motorcycle, you are buying a lifestyle and an image when you buy a motorcycle. So the HOGS have become the most devisive group of motorcyclists in America. Imagine not driving your car with another motorist because they don't drive a Ford like you!

Another thing you will have to deal with when you buy a Harley is "Retro-engineering". This means they do not build high tech motorcycles with modern technology like the rest of the world and you will pay more for it. So you will not have a bike as well built or dependable as any other bike out there. It's like paying more for a Sony because of the name, even though there are other products equal to or even better than the Sony. The excessive vibration, lack of technology and excessive price make the Harley a bad buy when it comes to getting a lot for your money.

Now, let's look at insurance, you do check on the insurance cost when you buy a car don't you? My Harley costs 4 times more to insure than the Kawasaki with almost the same size engine. What about parts and accessories? Compare costs and you will see that the Harley can cost you twice as much to buy functional accessories or chrome. not to mention the over priced motorcycle clothes that provide little real world protection in the event of a crash.

So it comes down to choosing, do I just want to be cool and run with the "in crowd", or do I want to be an individual and not succumb to peer pressure. But you will be surprised how many people have bought into this Harley mindset and how many forty somethings and fifty something year old people are still succumbing to peer pressure. Use your head and think for yourself, you'll be glad you did.


This is in regards to an article called "Make a Smart Motorcycle Purchase (Harley vs Japanese Manufacturers)" by "The Two Wheel Critic". This was nothing more than a hatchet job aimed at Harleys and Harley riders. This guy, whoever he is, didn't even attempt to disguise his contempt for and bias against Harleys and the people who ride them in this offensive, so-called 'advice' piece. Calling HOG members 'divisive' because we only allow Harleys in the group is just plain stupid. It's a HARLEY club! You can't join a Corvette club without a 'Vette or a VW Beetle club without a Bug, etc. It's the same thing here and any idiot should understand that. His remarks about lack of modern technology, excessive vibration, and dependibility are similarly way off-base and reflect the biased, uninformed opinions of someone who has done not one iota of research for this article.

do yourselves and all of us a favor and yank this article off your site. It only serves to undermine your credibility as a source of reliable information.
- Rob

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