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SCUBA Procedure Can Improve Faceshield Clarity

By Bruce Humphrey

You are riding,visibility is good, you cross a river and BAM! face shield fog up. One hand off the bars, open the face shield just for a second when you hadn't planned to . That second could be critical.

As you know SCUBA is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. If you ride you probably have worn a helmet, it might have had a face shield, and it probably fogged up at one time or another. The same kind of thing happens to SCUBA people. Early on, to fix the problem they spit in the mask and rubbed it around, many still do. In the world of SCUBA it is perfectly socially acceptable, happens in the best of families. If you spit in your face sheild with your riding buddies around you'll only be riding with your very best friends or riding solo. What isn't too bad in the ocean is not so good for the wheeled crowd. The SCUBA people have a more polite remedy. Formulas in the form of liquid, paste or gel that are rubbed on the inside of the mask to prohibit fogging. Some of the products suggested by divers are:

Generic Sources:

baby shampoo - in a cheap spray bottle mix half and half with water or

isopropyl alcohol (or whatever mixture works for you)

toothpaste - they say the slight abrasiveness removes production oils

(try this on a VERY SMALL part of your face shield.

They say it cleans off the factory gunk.

rubbing the mask with the leaf of a succulent plant ( I know!)

Commercial Products

Viz Wiz, (cheap) Nikon Fog Eliminator Cloths (expensive) from Bass Pro.

Sea Gold

Sea Drops

Aqua Seal


Other things that help : Remove the factory gunk coating, keep the inside of your face shield clean and you can always increase airflow into the helmet.

Thanks for Taking Time To Peruse This Article. Keep the sticky side down!

Bruce teaches high school science and owns a company which makes drink holders for power sports vehicles; motorcycles, ATVs, boats, etc. http://www.4wheelercupholder.com


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