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Motorcycle Safety and Driver Alertness Can Be Enhanced by Availability of a Mounted Drink Holder

By Bruce Humphrey

Having a securely mounted convenient drink holder can increase motorcycle safety in two ways; by allowing the driver to have hands on the bars more often and increasing hydration.

A driver has no time to drink while operating the motorcycle. However, in hot weather while at stop lights or in traffic time for a quick hydrating drink sometimes arises. Without a convenient drink holder the drink is often tucked away in some equipment, in a pocket or wedged somewhere. This can and has caused searching, fumbling and dropping of the drink. Which is accompanied by driver reaction to try to catch the falling bottle or spilling the drink. All of this action causes a lack of attention to the task at hand, operating the motorcycle. It can also cause momentary bouts of imbalance as well as distraction. If a well placed drink holder is at hand, the driver can easily and quickly get the drink, have a drink and return the drink to a secure holder with minium effort and distraction. No problems.

A significant danger to any rider during hot weather is dehydration. The wind combined with the warmer temperatures increases moisture loss from the skin. A suited driver also suffers die to increased temperatures inside the padded clothing causing additional perspiration. However you might notice that you seldom feel wet. This is because of the increased rate of removal of moisture from your skin by the wind. The danger occurs when dehydration reaches the level which impairs reaction time and perception, even in the millisecond range.

A well placed, secure drink holder can put a suitable beverage close at hand for appropriate rehydration times to reduce operator distraction and increase attention levels.

Bruce is a science teacher and motorcycle rider. He has a company called "4 Wheeler Cupholder" at 4wheelercupholder.com which produces drink holders for all powersports toys.


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