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Motorcycle Helmet Visors

There are a lot of alternatives to the standard clear visor that comes with your helmet. Along with mirrored visors, there are smoked, colored, polarized, tinted and gradient. Which is right for you? All of them and none of them; you see . . . it depends on how and when you ride.

The clear visor is a good all around shield for your eyes. It is the best if you are riding at night but not so good when the sun is bright or low in the sky. Unfortunately those are prime commute times. This can be mitigated with sunglasses underneath but you will want glasses that donít inhibit your peripheral vision.

Smoked, mirrored, and tinted face shields will lessen the intensity of the sun but can be dangerous to use at night. You can either carry a clear visor in case you get caught out after dark, or ride without any eye protection. (Not recommended)

There are technologies that are versatile enough to span bright and dark riding. Polarized and gradient visors lessen the intensity of bright sun while still allowing you to be able to see in low light situations. Polarized visors reflect light at certain angles leaving objects in front of you well lit, but dims light coming from the sky and off the ground. Gradient visors are tinted at the top and fade to clear at the bottom. This blocks the bright sky but lets you see the road, even in the dark.

If you choose to carry two visors, be aware that in the limited space on a motorcycle, the visor can quickly become scratched, cracked, or misshapen which will affect the seal and allow rain and wind into the helmet.


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