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How to Avoid a Motorcycle Sunburn

The sun is out, the road is dry and you are ready to ride. . . or are you? Besides worrying about absent-minded cagers and fair-weather riders you need to worry about sunburn on clear, sunny days.

The causes of sunburn are easy to understand:
"Sunburn results from too much sun or sun-equivalent exposure. Almost everyone has been sunburned or will become sunburned at some time. Anyone who visits a beach, goes fishing, works in the yard, or simply is out in the sun can get sunburn. Although seldom fatal, sunburn can be disabling and cause quite a bit of discomfort." – eMedicine Health

And of course, the more you get sunburned the more likely you are to get skin cancer.

Getting sunburnt on a motorcycle is easy to prevent. The two most common areas for getting sunburnt are the back of the hands and the back of the neck, between your collar and helmet. But any exposed skin will be vulnerable to sun damage.

You can either use sunscreen on exposed skin, or cover it with material. Neck gators, bandanas, and "doo-rags" with long necks will cover exposed areas and don’t hinder your ability to turn your neck.

For your hands, full-finger gloves give the most protection, fingerless gloves give the least. Many gloves have cut-outs to ventilate your hands but these openings are prone to sunburning. Try to get gloves with mesh cut-outs. Mesh will slow the amount of sun energy your skin is exposed to while providing ventilation.

Warning: Do not put sunscreen on your forehead or around your eyes. If it runs your eyes will sting and impair your vision.


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