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Motorcycle Maintenance Tips: Oil!

By Greg Hudson

Do just about anything to your motorcycle, but forget the most basic and fundamental additive – Oil – and your wallet could be hanging loose for a long time.

How often you change the oil, the level you fill it up to and the kind of oil you use all make the difference between a bike that lasts and a bike that doesn’t!

These are a few of the most basic tips when it comes to oil and motorcycles…

When do you change your bike’s oil?

Over time and with prolonged use the integrity of the oil breaks down. Varies forces at work within the engine actually tear away at the very molecules of the oil, so the old oil must be periodically replaced every 2-3 thousand kilometres.

Smaller motorcycles run hotter than bigger bikes, so their oil needs to be replaced more frequently.

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for Changing Oil:

· It’s best to drain the oil when the bike is properly warmed up, this thins the oil and makes it drain out faster.

· Remember to park the bike on it’s centre stand on level ground.

· Oil gets everywhere when the sump plug is released, so make sure to have a big enough container before hand.

· Remember to check the oil filter and change it if need be!

Running in a New Motor

New motorcycles require a little more care when it comes to oil. The surfaces inside of the new engine are quite rough and require time to wear smooth. The particles of metal released during this process need to be flushed out of the engine, so halve the normal oil change intervals for the first two changes.

Additives that are Supposed to Prolong!

The benefits of oil additives sound good, especially when you’ve bought a used motorcycle…

· Better performance

· Lowered fuel consumption etc.

The stories mechanics tell you vary. Some good, some bad! However, never use additives on a new motorcycle as this will prolong the running in process.

That’s about all. These are only a few of the basics when it comes to oil and your motorcycle. Know your bike and you’ll discover its exact requirements.

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