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Motorcycle Cleaning

To some a dreaded never ending task. Why? Because you have not found the products that will save time, money and work well together to actually keep your bike cleaner, longer. These are professional products. Like the ones the Detailer's use. Did you ever stop to wonder how they do it? The only thing they know that you don't know, is what products to use.

Of course most of them charge $40.00 an hour and up. For about the same hourly amount you can purchase the same products and do it yourself. You can obtain the same Professional, incomparable, lasting results. The Detailers HATE me, BUT the BIKERS LOVE ME. I am G-4rce.

I sell the finest MOTORCYCLE DETAIL PRODUCTS on the PLANET. (and for other fine toys too) You will be AMAZED as you make your bike look showroom new. With minimal effort and maximum results. You will reduce future clean-ups from hours to only minutes.

Believe me I have spent years trying and testing products and now you too can obtain the same lasting results. The difference between a cleaning and detailing are the products. General Motorcycle Cleanup requires only 3 products.

#1 Ouator metal polish, HexaSpray, and Hexawax. You will than need a couple of terry cloth towels. Some good tunes and a beverage is optional, and so is a bike lift.

Start by using Ouator to polish your chrome and aluminum. This product makes aluminum look far better than chrome. It is unique as you can shine anywhere you can get a finger in and a piece of towel. The more you rub>>The shinier it gets. In shining the more black you see -the better the product.

#2 Once your desired shine is obtained lightly spray with HexaSpray. This will remove any remaining residue (black). This is a Metal Sealer. By applying this you will lock and hold the shine 3 to 5 times longer than if not applied.

#3 Then Hexawax all painted surfaces and windshield or wherever you normally apply wax. You will be amazed at the ease of application, its removal, and finish result. Your bike will stay cleaner just by Hexa waxing. The unique thing is once cleaned future clean-ups are made as easy as dusting a tabletop. As you will no longer use soap and water but instead use the HexaSpray (metal sealer) which doubles as a Superior Water-less Wash. It will restore to the original wax look without scratching. Picture this scenario. You got caught in a driving rain storm.

You used to think you had hours of cleanup. But now you park your bike. Let it drip-dry, and HexaSpray it and gently wipe with the towel, like dusting a tabletop, and in less than 20 minutes you are restored to your original shine. So easy even mama can do it. In 8 years of business the only thing brought back to me was the original buyers friend's and relatives to get them to stop using his purchase.

Do you have knee rub marks, embedded bugs, scratches or gas stains?? Try Oxy-off. Do you want to restore and protect your rubber and vinyl without that fake shinny look?? Try Clear Kote. AND NOW THE REAL SECRET to maintaining your shine is to NOT use soap and water. They strip your Hexa Spray Protection and speed up the Oxidation Process. Causing you to start the polishing process all over again.

To find out more feel free to e-mail me and/or review my website.


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