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Motorcycle Racing Jackets

By Jimmy Sturo

Motorcycle racing jackets are stylish, classy, and extremely functional. Combining glamour with protection and comfort, such jackets form an essential part of motorcycle racing gear. Today, motorcycle jackets are available in plenty of different sizes, material, styles, and brands.

Some brands which are particularly popular among motorcyclists include Arlen Ness, AXO Gear, First Gear, Icon, Moose, Shift, Alpinestars, and Joe Rocket. Others are Ride Gear, San Diego Leather, Motor Helmets, Motorcycle Superstore, Brockton Cycle Center, Eagle Leather, Jamin Leather, Fox Creek, and Vanson Leathers. All the aforementioned companies offer jackets made up of textiles or leather, in different sizes and types.

Racing jackets have combine comfort with protection for the convenience and safety of the rider. Usually such jackets have CE-rated armor in the shoulder and elbow areas, and other hard-impact places. Padding or foam is also provided for the comfort of the rider. Such jackets also have better fits than other jackets, to enable comfortable sports riding.

Some brands, like First Gear, provide features like ‘CE certification’; ‘Hypertex, a material used for abrasion prevention’; ‘cuff vent system’; ‘Kwik- Dry, which makes jacket water-proof and prevents staining or shrinking’; and many other features.

An amazing collection of racing jackets can be found at Motor Helmets. Besides offering nearly all popular brands, it also provides discounts on some products, allowing huge savings on high-quality leather and textile racing jackets. Some popular ones include Joe Rocket 2006 jackets, Alpinestars men’s and women’s jackets (around $699.95), Icon ($350 - $380), First Gear ($289.95), and many more. Ride Gear also has a number of brands to choose from. It guarantees safe shopping and the best price.

Brockton Cycle Center allows big savings too. Jackets at Alpinestars can be bought for $349.00 instead of the regular price of $379.99. Also, jackets from companies like Kawasaki, Yamaha, and a number of other brands can be found at reduced prices. Motorcycle racing jackets combine comfort and safety. They are required by all racing motorcyclists for comfortable, safe, and abrasion-free rides.

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