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Super Bike School and Crotch Rocket Racing Technologies

By Lance Winslow

If you have ever watched Street Motorcycle Racing with Super Bike factory sponsor riding celebrities as the take corners at speeds of 160 plus miles per hour dragging their knees on the track, then you know how dangerous that sport can be. Imagine yourself as a factory sponsored rider on a crotch rocket in full gear and the training you would need.

Well, it just so happens I myself was in the same shoes as most “squids” when I signed up for Super Bike School many years back in California. At the time they were riding Ninja 600’s and nothing like today’s race bike technologies and believe me we were racing around afterwards in the novice class and were no where near those 160 speeds, especially not in the corners.

Learning to race motorcycles is fun as you come in to set up for the turns, your mind goes into slow motion, but it takes a while to get use to doing it in a fluid motion or even close to the finesse of the professional riders. One new technology on the horizon are the Holographic Technologies, which are getting closer to becoming reality. Imagine watching an image of a factory rider in front of you setting up the turn and executing it perfectly? You would match your bike to the holographic projection and attempt to mirror you actions to it.

By doing this you would be able to visualize it and then watch the video of yourself doing it for critique by the Super Bike coaches. Such an application for this technology could also prevent motorcycle accidents in traffic as you learned to maneuver your bike in all situations. I would recommend super bike school to all motorcycle riders, because these skills are important to avoiding all the idiot drivers out there. Think on this.

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