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Used Dirt Bikes

By Jimmy Sturo

Buying new Dirt Bikes can be expensive. A new 4500cc Dirt Bike, for instance, can cost you as much as $8000. So if you still want to enjoy the excitement of riding an off-road motorcycle without spending too much, the best option is to go for a Used Dirt Bike.

Find out the model you need before making any decision. Remember that each model has different engine-power, design and built. Browse through old editions of Dirt Bike magazines or the Internet and find out the features that you’re looking for, and any maintenance and reliability issues associated with a particular model.

Once you’ve decided what Dirt Bike model you want to buy, know that private Dirt Bike sellers offer much cheaper bargains than established dealers if you’re planning to buy one on a tight budget. Look out for their Ads on the classified pages of your local paper or magazines.

Do not be fooled by the overall appearance because the seller would have obviously refurbished the paintwork and other minor parts. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Bike is in good condition. Inspect closely and ask a couple of questions regarding maintenance, number of previous owners, year of manufacture etc. You would not want to buy a Dirt Bike that has been overused or abused, even if it’s darn cheap.

Since these motorcycles are generally used for rough terrain, stunts and other extreme competitions, it is probable that some of the older ones will have cracks and dents near the engine mounts or loose bearings. If you don’t know how to identify these flaws, take along a friend who’s experienced with motorcycle parts.

Lastly, if you find that the condition of the Dirt Bike agrees with the price, ask the seller to take it for a test ride. If the answer is no, then there’s probably something wrong with the Bike. Your best option here is to find another seller immediately.

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