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Easy Riders on the Road to Freedom

A wonderful and inspiring article about a new motorcycle for wheelchair users.

by Raquel Simons

Mobility has traditionally been the greatest obstacle for people with a physical disability. The days of being limited to an electric wheelchair have come to an end. A British company has been working to develop a motorcycle for people with physical disabilities, and the results are nothing short of outstanding.

The manufacturer, Martin Conquest Ltd., has developed a motorcycle that is designed to driven from the rider’s wheelchair. Alan Martin, the creator of the aptly named Conquest, spent a number of years in research and development of this amazing motorcycle. He came up with the idea after his young son became physically disabled following an accident.

The Conquest is based upon the BMW 850cc or 1150cc motorcycles, and has an integrated aluminum shell that is reminiscent of a racing car. It was developed with the kind assistance of the National Association for Bikers with a Disability, and the Manchester Business School. The manufacturers have recently begun negotiations with Motability, a company that provides lease vehicles for people with a disability.

The Conquest has been available in Britain since August of 2005, and the company hopes to sell at least 100 motorcycles this year. The motorcycle is priced at approximately 18000.00£, which is close to 31000.00 American dollars. It may seem like a rather steep price for some, but for many it will be a small price to pay for the freedom of the road.

For people that have become used to the limitations of electric wheelchairs and have grown tired of being a passenger, this motorcycle will be a welcomed change. The 1150cc model is designed to accelerate from 0-60mph in 8.6 seconds, and has a top speed of 85mph. The excitement this machine has been garnering cannot be properly stated. It has been thankfully received to extraordinary acclaim. It was the talk of the crowds at the Mobility Roadshow in Derbyshire, an exhibition of products for people with physical disabilities.

Martin Conquest Ltd. is now accepting orders for Spring 2006 delivery. Buyers can customize their new motorcycles to include metallic paint, CD players, rear parking sensors, fog lights, and more. Naturally, this motorcycle is going to be a massive success. A high performance motorcycle for people that have grown accustomed to limited mobility is bound to be refreshing. Watch out Peter Fonda! There is a new generation of Easy Riders!

Raquel Simons is really excited about the new Conquest motorcycle. When she is not imagining herself out on the open road, she is a freelance contributor to thewheelchairsite.com – an independent resource for information about many types of wheelchairs (http://www.thewheelchairsite.com/), electric chairs (http://www.thewheelchairsite.com/electric-wheelchairs.aspx), scooters for the disabled (http://www.thewheelchairsite.com/scooters.aspx)and more.


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