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New Style, New Riders, New Scooters

by Michael Milstead

Verucci has introduced their lasted 150cc scooter as the Viper 150 Turbo SE. With a look of a touring motorcycle like a Honda Goldwing the Viper Turbo will catch your and fool you as not believing this could be a scooter. With speed of 65mph that has you keeping up with all traffic plus the benefits of 60 to 80mpg is a real gas savings that you can bank on. Riding scooters has become a way of life for many people being squeezed with the soaring gas prices since hurricane Katrina.

With more riders every year buying scooters itís not just for one gender. More and more women are picking up on the scooter craze for fun and saving gas. Replacing the second car for running errands has become a main stay for women. A big reason for this is you sit on a scooter rather than straddle like a motorcycle. With TV ads using scooters to sell their wares with a pink scooter ridden by a pretty girl this just sets in motion the emotions needed for a scooter purchase. With a pink scooter you can really make an impression and some sites cater just to the female scooter rider.

If you are consider a scooter purchase there are some choices for you with the newer styles being added late in 2005. The very popular Retro styles and the 150cc scooters seem to lead the pack in terms of sales. The Euro style holds its own always with the most sales. The 150cc scooters are picking up once consumers realized the benefits of the added power for speed you get with a larger scooter.

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