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Odds Are Your Motorcycle Accident Was Not Your Fault

by: Tony Merlino

Here's an astonishing fact. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident chances are it was your fault only 20% of the time. That means that in 80% of the accidents involving a motorcycle, it was due to the negligence of another.

So the question remains, who or what was the cause of the injury? To accurately determine liability, you need the experience and expertise of an attorney trained to drill down and uncover the actual responsible party in order to obtain just compensation.

Every accident and motorcycle accidents in particular are tied to a unique situation. The way in which that situation is viewed by the jury, (if a trial is necessary) the insurance company and their attorneys, ultimately determines the outcome of your case.

Insurance companies have a vested interest in their own bottom lines. Your injury will get a dollar figure placed on it by their attorneys. That figure in most instances is far less that you actually deserve. Without the experience and expertise of an attorney that is fighting for your rights, obtaining a fair settlement is next to impossible.

Bottom line: You need an attorney!

But, don't get the cart before the horse.

Here is what needs to be done first.

If you haven't already reported the accident do so now! You need to have an accurate record of the facts. Your attorney will need this information so try to be as detailed as possible when recalling the events leading up to the accident, at the moment of the accident and what happened after the accident. This information serves to paint a picture that needs to be envisioned by a judge or jury.

By this time you should have already been admitted to a hospital or at the very least been seen by a doctor. You are hurt and the injuries need to be documented. The more documentation you collect to support your claim the better.

And finally, do not discuss your case with anyone other than your lawyer. Loose lips, sink ships, or is it cases?

At this juncture, speaking with an attorney experienced in motorcycle accidents is the best move you can make.

About The Author

Tony Merlino is webmaster and legal marketing consultant at http://www.JerseyJustice.com ,a legal information and marketing portal for clients and their lawyers in New Jersey.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys can help you if you have been injured in a collision.


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