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California - 38041 Off-road Motorcycle

38041. Application for the original identification of a motorcycle shall be made by the owner to the department upon the appropriate form furnished by it, and shall contain:

(a) The true, full name, business or residence and mailing address, and the driver's license or identification card number, if any, of the owner and the legal owner, if any.

(b) The name of the county in which the owner resides.

(c) A description of the motorcycle including the following data insofar as it may exist:

(1) The make and type of body.

(2) The motor and frame numbers recorded exactly as stamped on the engine and frame, respectively, by the manufacturer, and any other identifying number of the motorcycle as may be required by the department.

(3) The date first sold by a manufacturer or dealer to a consumer.

(d) Such information as may reasonably be required by the department to enable it to determine whether the vehicle is lawfully entitled to identification.

(e) The department shall maintain a cross-index file of motor and frame numbers identified with it.

The application shall be accompanied by a tracing, tape lift, or photograph of the motor or frame numbers, or where the facsimile of the motor or frame numbers cannot be obtained, a verification of the numbers shall be required.
Amended Ch. 1221, Stats. 1994. Effective January 1, 1995.


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