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Yamaha FZ6 Fazer – A great all-around motorcycle

Standard maintenance, nothing unusual, but you should shift to synthetic in your Fazer as soon as the break-in period is over. Lube and adjust the chain. Watch out for curbs or speed bumps on the FZ-6. Without a frame in front of the pipes it is easy to ding them and/or rip them off if you go over tall obstacles.

The FZ6 is a great every-day commuter. Skinny and nimble it is a good lane splitter even with a passenger. With my wife on the back it is a bit cramped and not all that fun but in a pinch it is fine. I won't say it is as fast as the R6, but it is a better motorcycle for 99% of riders. It is marketed as a bare bones standard but it is really a sport tourer with 2 trip gauges, a clock, and a tall windshield. I wasn’t searching for the foot pegs or handlebars, even though my other motorcycle is a V-Star classic with my feet forward. The FZ-6 feels like it was made just for me, after ten minutes I was perfectly comfortable on the motorcycle, something that usually takes me a month to feel that way. The seat is ok but if you are riding more than about 4 hours you will need an Airhawk pad otherwise your butt will hurt all the next day. The seat height is high, perfect for me at 5'10, but you will be tip-toeing it if you are any shorter.

Coming from a V twin the performance is totally different. The FZ-6 will lug if you don’t keep the revs up but the power band seems to go forever. Light and flickable but forgiving for everyday riding.

Besides my commute I also like to take the FZ-6 out to the twisties or up to the mountains. With a Givi top-case it allows me to take longer trips. The gas mileage pretty good, even when blasting around it gets about 50 mpg. It has a large fuel tank, giving it a good range.

The FZ-6 is a fun bike and makes my commute a lot more fun. It is not the fastest motorcycle, nor the most tricked out but it will be dependable and practical.


This is a nice overall review. I liked the info on gas mileage; I believe 50 mpg is a bit optimistic, but if you say so I believe you. I wonder what a specialized opionion on the fuel injection system would be since I've read in previous reviews that it\'s not good compared to "other" fuel injections (Suzuki\'s SV i.e.)... I mean, does it jerk when reaplying throttle or something like that?
- Sparks

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