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Motorcycle Safety

  • 0 to 60 in 4.5 Seconds
    Speeding is illegal, yet we sell motorcycles which are so powerful and look so intimidating that a police man could write the owner a ticket even if it were parked. . .. . .
  • Alcohol and Motorcycles
    In the last twenty years, the legal system has created serious consequences for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol. . .
  • Braking Habits For Motorcycles!
    Take a little time out to practice some hard breaking and you’ll program yourself to react instinctively whenever the cat, the rat or the pratt crosses your path. . .
  • Electronica (Headlight modulators)
    What is a headlight modulator you ask? It is a device that causes the headlight of the scooter to pulse on and off at about 240 beats per minute. . .
  • Kids Like to Ride Motorcycles Too
    I know that for me my kids love to ride and probably want to do it as much as I do. But there are some additional considerations that have to be taken into account when loading them on the back of your motorcycle. . .
  • Motorcycle Riding Tips
    We all have enough "In memory of…" patches on our vest and do not wish to add any more. So here are 11 motorcycle riding tips to remind us of the things that can keep us in one piece and out of the hospital. . .
  • Motorcycle Safety
    Many motorcycle riders whether riding for work or pleasure have little or no formal riding training and tend to think of motorcycles as toys. . .
  • Motorcycle Tips: the Night Rider!
    Riding a motorcycle at night brings a new twist to the riding game so take in a few tips on reflective gear; braking, night blindness and other related topics. . .
  • Remember the Brakes….!
    “Remember the brakes…!” that’s what my father always reminds me whenever I go out for a ride on my Yamaha motorcycle. . .
  • Riding In a Group
    The following guidelines were developed by the Shades of Gray MC. . .
  • Riding in the cold: Dangers
    Cold weather presents unique dangers other than purely staying warm. For those who choose to brave low temperatures, cold weather riding can be a rewarding experience.. . .
  • Rules of the Road
    You can find many different articles on the internet on motorcycle riding safety. Anyone that is even thinking about riding should make themselves familiar with as many of these as possible. . .
  • Super Bike School and Crotch Rocket Racing Technologies
    If you have ever watched Street Motorcycle Racing with Super Bike factory sponsor riding celebrities as the take corners at speeds of 160 plus miles per hour dragging their knees on the track, then you know how dangerous that sport can be. . .

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