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WhyBike? Good question . . . I write about motorcycles and why we ride them. 2014-06-21T06:16:28Z Copyright 2013 WordPress James North Carolina is considering ditching helmet requirements, but in doing so they are not protecting the public http://www.whybike.com/blog?p=201 2014-06-21T06:12:36Z 2013-03-28T03:32:01Z Motorcycle Helmets North Carolina's Transportation Committee is introducing a law that would lift the requirement on motorcyclists to wear a helmet. From News-Record.com On a voice vote, the House Transportation Committee approved giving adults the choice to ride without a helmet if they have had a motorcycle license or endorsement for a year, completed ... James Auxiliary lighting for the R1200GS: Hella FF50 Fog Light Installation http://www.whybike.com/blog?p=197 2014-06-21T06:16:06Z 2012-12-01T06:38:57Z Motorcycle Motorcycle Maintenance I wanted to add extra lighting to the 1200GS. I have a headlight modulator for the day but I needed some extra lighting for night. That is why I chose fog lights. I can run them at night as long as the focused part of the beam does not shine ... James In love with heated vests http://www.whybike.com/blog?p=196 2014-06-21T06:16:28Z 2012-02-16T18:19:02Z Motorcycle The funky weather pattern that has been giving most of the US a mild winter has kept the rain away from the Bay Area. This means there is less latent moisture in the air which makes for colder nights and mornings. When I say cold, it is all relative. Being ... James Clever motorcycle infographic http://www.whybike.com/blog?p=195 2012-02-14T01:52:07Z 2012-02-14T01:52:07Z Motorcycle I found this clever infographic on the NHTSA's report from a couple years ago. James Someone is in a hurry! http://www.whybike.com/blog?p=194 2011-08-30T18:07:01Z 2011-08-30T18:06:53Z Motorcycle You tell me...how fast was he going?