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Biker Paint-Off

By James - 8/24/2005

I was flipping through the channels and caught the end of one of the Biker Build-Off shows. Now TheKneeslider is always complaining that the builders don’t strive for performance, instead focusing on looks. I am the opposite. Maybe it is because I am an artist for my day job but I always think they gloss over the most important part of building show-bikes; the paint job. I want to see a Biker Paint-Off. The intricacy of the paint job makes or breaks most of these art-machines. I enjoy the simplicity of matte black but marvel at the metallic foil, pinstripes, and two-tone schemes. It takes a special eye to get right the juxtaposition of leather and powdercoat, color and chrome. Sure, wrestling an oversized engine into a low-rider frame is a tough job but it is more force than finesse. Dosen’t fit? Just grind it. Try painting a matching pinstripe over a curved surface - freehand - and you only get one shot. That is talent.



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  1. I go for both. A motorcycle should be both for performance and for show. If your bike’s artistic enough, then its performance should also match its appearance.In the end, you have everyone drooling over your bike.How’s that for overall impact?

    Comment by jeffrey — 9/20/2005 @ 2:51 pm

  2. I mostly agree with you. They do a terrible job on showing what it actually takes to get a top notch paint job. I know its a different show, but on Monster Garge, whenever they paint something, they make it seem like it was done overnight, when in reality the paint job took days.

    However, have to disagree with you that the fab work is just “muscle” work. A good fabricator is an artist in his own way, just with a different medium

    Comment by Jason — 10/21/2005 @ 12:11 pm

  3. There is going to be a Biker Paint Off. Alsa Corp is hosting one with the top ten non-company affliated painters in the US. It starts May 2006 and ends June 2006.

    Comment by Keith — 4/16/2006 @ 11:02 am

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