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How not to ride a motorcycle

By James - 12/31/2004

I am always looking for good video to put on the site and saw this video of people doing stoppies and wheelies and crashing. That part was not all that unusual, but what puzzled me was how upset the guy on the R1 was about flipping his bike about 5 times. It is the third segment, I think, and the guy appears to survived relatively unscathed but the bike is pretty close to totaled. He gets up and tosses his helmet and walks to a wall and pouts/starts to cry.

On one hand I understand. I get on my bike almost everyday not expecting to crash. Sometimes I wear clogs instead of proper boots and I once rode in just a t-shirt and jeans (a pebble hit me square in the nipple and I have never tried it again). But on the other hand if you are getting up on one wheel you have to know it is just a matter of time before you are going to crash. And it is a good chance it will cost you a couple grand minimum. You should be ready for it. I guess if everybody thought of the risks before they got up nobody would ever get out of bed.



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