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Mailbag: Moto-escort for the Bicycle Races

By James - 7/25/2005

Can you provide any information on becoming a moto-escort for the bicycle races? I would be most interested in any information you can provide me. Thank you.

- Michael G.

While it is not my cup of tea, the idea of zooming around bicyclists on a motorcycle helping out logistically during a race is exhilarating to some. I would quickly get frustrated at taking a curve at 15 mph on a twisty alpine road that should be a 45 mph peg-scaper. There is some skill required balancing a cameraman on the back as he twists and turns to capture the action, but I get enough of that with my passengers shifting around.

But if you are interested in becoming a moto-escort for bicycle races you may want to read this blog post about the motorcycles used in the Tour de France.

I would practice a lot of course. You should try to ride a lot in 2nd gear under 20 mph. Low speed control of your bike’s balance will be key. Contact some of your local cycling associations and see if they need help during their races. With practice and persistence you should be riding next to the yellow jersey in no time.



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