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Night Rider

By James - 5/14/2005

I don’t know why I don’t ride at night more. The silouette of my bars and headlight against the lit up road and the glow of my instument panel under a star filled sky is relaxing. It is the same road I ride every day but the traffic is nonexistant and the cagers that are out at 1 in the morning are a little less cagey (although a lot more likely to be drunk).



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  1. At least half of my riding is at night. Late night, in fact, after midnight or 1 am. I get home from work at 11:30pm. There are pros and cons. In Texas, you pretty much have to shift your Summer riding to the evening or night anyway.

    Comment by Kevin White — 5/18/2005 @ 1:05 pm

  2. Its a small town story…
    a secret that had never sold..
    between the living and those of the dead…
    unseen and never told..
    She keeps his picture shades of only black and white, the masked unseen Rider with eyes of the sea… whose picture evenly hangs in a heart shaped silver locket..both thier names forever engraved..
    where only the soul is consumed in an ever lasting eternal fire…

    On the Other side.. he rides the midnight roads those that might lead him back to her again..

    On this side she sleeps on his grave lighting his way with dim glow of candle light

    as she silently whispers” come home my blue eyed angel…i will always wait for you here by night….”

    Comment by BrokenRose — 4/18/2006 @ 12:13 pm

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