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National tell-a-friend-about-blogs week

By James - 5/6/2005

I guess it is national tell-a-friend-about-blogs week and as stated in a previous post about Ride to Work Day, I think these designations are a little silly. But in this case I will go along with it, mainly so I can shamelessly plug my blog as well as my faviorite blogs. Some are about motorcycles, some are not, but I get a great amount of knowledge, entertainment, and general time wasting from each. So here are a few blogs I read and why I read them:

  • The Kneeslider
    I am a tech guy and motorcycle gadgets are the focus of The Kneeslider’s blog.

  • Seth Godwin’s Blog
    Seth has a good way of turning your preconcieved marketing notions on their ear.

  • BoingBoing
    There is no focus, which makes it so much fun. It reminds me of Netscape’s old “What’s Cool” except these guys actually have cool stuff.

  • BluePoof Bikes
    Not only is she my “neighbor” but I can’t get enough of girls on dirtbikes . . .

  • So tell your friends about blogging, especially your motorcycle friends. Of course don’t forget to mention the aggregator where you can find more motorcycle bloggers than you can imagine. And if you don’t have a blog yet . . . Why not? You can set them up for free and other than a few minutes of your time it is pretty easy to maintain.


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    1. guess i missed the tell your friend week but check this guy out – http://www.visitpa.com/visitpa/roadTrippers.pa?action=blog&name=open&trip=1&day=1

      Comment by gol — 6/8/2005 @ 4:29 pm

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