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How Does it Feel to Ride on a Motorcycle?

By James - 2/21/2005

Call me a techie geek but my server logs are a daily source of wonder for me. I think about the people who typed them in and if my site was of any help to them. I ponder if the person who typed “K75″ in Google and then clicked on my site was amused or shocked by the story of the guy on the BMW K75 hitting a deer. I wonder if the person who typed in “125cc ninja bikes” found my article on starter bikes helpful. But today someone came to my site after searching the internet for “how does it feel to ride on a motorcycle?“. I wondered if I helped to answer their question.

I tried to think of a metaphor for riding but none were appropriate. I can talk about how to ride a motorcycle and I can talk about what you need to ride a motorcycle but how does it feel to ride on a motorcycle is a question that only experience can answer. All I can say is that sometimes it is the best and sometimes it is the worst. It is alternating fun and scary. It is relaxing yet keeps you on your toes. It is a contradiction that most people see as crazy but you will never realize the benefits unless you throw a leg over and roll back the throttle.



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  1. A great subject for a blog discussion. Perhaps the moment of sweetest bliss comes to me when I’m laying heavy on the throttle as I’m going through the gears, while shooting down a two-lane highway through the hills. Oh, and with the windshield off. It’s the feeling of your body being thrust back, the cool afternoon air, the smell of fresh air, and that everything else going on in your life ceases to matter.

    Comment by Steve — 2/22/2005 @ 12:22 am

  2. I think that for me, it is the Zen-like state of consciousness necessary when you are cutting curves and scraping pegs on some twisty back-country road. It is like a special kind of meditation and is very therapeutic to me. Sometimes I just need to go for a ride for a while to clear my head.

    It is an addictive feeling. Even when I had a bad accident and broke my shoulder back in ‘99, I couldn’t wait to get back on the bike. As soon as it was fixed and as soon as my arm was out of the sling and the stitches removed, I was back in the saddle even though my arm was so weak I could hardly get the bike off the kick-stand.

    That is what motorcycling is like to me. Kinda like breathing. Necessary!


    Comment by Bonedaddy — 2/24/2005 @ 4:03 am

  3. Its like one day you are fooling around in the backyard - flap your arms a certain way and realize you could fly. At first it would be scary - but you’d want to do it again. And then higher and further and better - you’d practice and learn and explore it. Thinking about it would give you goose-bumps and you’d have to tell others about it - and some of them would say “hey … you can do it too? alright! … lets go flying!” But some of them would say “you’re nuts … you’re gonna kill yourself!” But they are the ones who won’t … or can’t. So you’d fly every chance you got and everywhere you could. And dream about it until the next time.

    Comment by Tplus10 — 2/24/2005 @ 2:54 pm

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