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By James - 1/21/2005

I encourage you to watch KTM’s video touting it’s 990 Super Duke, which I found on Twisting Asphalt. It gets you yearning for the road, thats for sure. But it gets me wondering about their marketing campaign. It is hip, it is cool, but who is this ad targeted to? The guy is weaving in and out of traffic in an music video style. I don’t know the pricing of bike yet but I bet it is above what most 18-24 year olds can afford. And even if they can, the bike style is not the kind that most young riders are attracted to. It looks like a naked sport bike with dual sport styling. And with all the increased popularity of motorcycles and disposable income coming from the retiring baby boomers, I would think that they would be the low hanging fruit they would target. Even it’s website is pretty cutting edge, all in Flash with a very unconventional design. I was close to abandoning the site a couple times and I work in web development. Does that mean I am old?

Only time will tell how well the Super Duke does but the CBRs and GSX-Rs sell themselves to young riders, KTM should spend their marketing dollars elsewhere.



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